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薪资: 2万-3万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:北京 食宿:提供食宿

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES 主要职责 Market Share 市场份额Lead the Revenue Management Committee of each Hotel to build the Hotels’ Room revenue Market Share by deploying effective Revenue Management Practices in all hotel.带领每间酒店内的收益管理委员会,运用有效的收益管理手段,加大客房收益市场份额。Forecasting 预测1.Produce a demand forecast weekly, deploy transient and group inventory restrictions and pricing strategies designed to maximize revenue from a rate and occupancy perspective.每周指定需求预测,结合房价及入住率两方面、最大化收益的定价战略。2.Ensure forecasts are +_3% of actual result as accurate forecasting will underpin market share growth.准确的预测能够助长市场份额的增长,确保预测值与实际值之间的偏差在3%以内。3.Supervise accuracy + efficiency of supervised hotels.监督其负责范围内的酒店,在预测方面准确而有效。 Market Mix 市场构成Ensure that the hotels have the optimal market mix to maximize revenues and profitability.确保酒店的市场构成达到最佳,最大化收益及利润。 Pricing 定价1.Ensure optimal pricing for all market segments, specifically focusing on Retail Corporate and Groups.确保给予所有细分的市场最合理的价格,特别是公司散客及团队。2.Implement pricing as per LHG global pricing policies.实现价格以LHG全球定价政策为准。3.Ensure that pricing decisions are appropriately folded into the distribution channel strategies of each hotel, specifically for LHGwebsites, OTAs and GDS.确保每个酒店的分销渠道定价政策是合理的,特别是LHI网站、OTA和GDS。4.Actively works with DOSM and key Sales Managers to ensure maximization of revenue and market share growth.积极配合销售总监及销售经理得工作,确保酒店收益稳步增长并达到最大化。5.Control pricing integrity among the 3 Beijing properties for all segments.根据北京市场的属性控制市场定价。 Group Business团队业务1.Consult with Sales Managers on rate and inventory suitability of all potential group business for CORDIS,Beijing Capital Airport.与销售经理探讨及制定报价,以便挖掘更多北京首都机场地区的潜在业务。2.Oversee the management of group block activity. Ensure that group cut off dates, rooming lists, block activity (i.e. pickup, wash etc.) are will managed for all 3 hotels.监督管理团队的订房情况,如最后期限、名单等确切的订房情况。 Weekly Revenue Strategy每周收益策略1.Drive weekly Revenue Management Committee meetings in accordance with LHG standards for CORDIS HONGQIAO SHANGHAI.参照LHG的标准,每周组织收益管理会议。2.Attend all 3 meetings and drive strategy council.参加所有委员会会议。Automated Revenue Management System自动化收益管理系统If hotels have or will install a revenue management system, take a leadership role in driving implementation and utilization of the tool to the benefit of the hotel and the revenue management process.如果酒店已有或者将设置一个收益管理系统,带头利用系统来实现酒店收益的管理。 Central Reservation System and Global Distribution Systems中央预订系统和全球分销系统1.Monitor to maintain consistency with property level inventory strategies and align with LHI Best Available Rate (BAR) pricing philosophy for all 3 hotels.根据酒店定价理论使LHG的最优惠房价保持一致性。2.Analyze channel performance-LHI channels (brand website, GDS, hotel direct)and third parties for all 3 hotels.对酒店的分销渠道,如LHG网站、品牌官网、酒店直销进行分析。 Up-Selling促销1.Develop an Up-Selling Culture in the Hotels across all departments.鼓励各个部门促销。2.Instigate incentive programs for up-selling.拟定促销奖励计划。 Strategic Reporting and Data Integrity报表及数据的完整性Report on key strategic issues such as channel performance, ROI of promotions etc and ensure that data entry and output is clean in all relevant systems and report.对于主要的分销渠道、ROI的促销、收益和支出等数据清楚的体现在报表中。 Competition竞争Lead the Revenue Management Committee to become expert on the competition product and strategies ensuring that we know more about the competition than they know about us.带领收益管理团队了解更多竞争酒店的产品,制定更多的竞争策略,确保我们了解得比他们多。 F&B revenue (CORDIS HONGQIAO SHANGHAI)餐饮收益1.To work with the F&B reservations team to ensure the best revenue in each outlet.与餐饮部保持密切合作,确保餐饮收益达到最大化。2.To work with the Director of Food & Beverage and outlet managers to develop and assist with implementation of activities to improve Rev per sq. foot year on year.与餐饮总监和管理人员开发促销活动,增加酒店收益。 3.In conjunction with the manager of restaurants and loyalty reservations to develop yield management and upselling strategies. 与餐饮部管理人员制定既能留住老顾客又能开发新客户的促销计划。4.To ensure management updating and use of customer data base is working to our revenue advantage. 确保更新客户的数据和资料,实现酒店利益最大化。5.In conjunction with F&B management to implement strategies to drive LAC card membership and usage and target new members.结合餐饮部的管理,促动LAC卡使用并且开发新成员。6.In conjunction with Director of Catering and Conventions to develop and monitor activities to improve yield per sq. foot from banquet floor.与餐饮总监密切配合,使宴会销售的利益达到最大化。7.Encourage room nights at TLSHA and ELNAQ.激励TLSHA和ELNAQ的间夜数。

薪资: 7千-7千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:北京 食宿:提供吃

技能和经验- 拥有相关工作或培训经历- 良好的组织和协调技巧,能够坚持到底完成工作- 精通电脑操作技巧,特别是办公软件和电子邮件- 至少三年以上酒店或大公司相关工作经验- 具有旅游/酒店行业知识优先所有北京东方君悦大酒店的职位请用以下应聘方式:请在邮件标题栏中注明应征部门与职位,简历须以附件形式发来。所有人选简历均会存入集团人才库,恕不退还。我们只会挑选符合条件的人选进行面试,未符合条件的人选恕不另行通知。有意者请将个人简历及近照发至如下邮箱: careers.grandhyattbeijing@hyatt.com通过点击以下发送申请键,您确认已阅读《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》,并同意我们根据《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》使用您提交给我们的个人信息。特别是,您同意我们能够将您的个人信息交由我们的人力资源部经理及员工在美国及世界其他辖区内审阅及参考。请浏览网址查看《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》。By clicking the Submit button below you confirm that you have read and agreed to the use of the information you give us in accordance with the Global Privacy Policy for Employees and in particular, you agree that we can make your information available for review and consideration in the U.S and other jurisdictions around the world by our human resource staff and managers. To view the Global Privacy Policy for Employees, please visit:(                   请浏览网址查看《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》。通过提交简历,您确认已阅读《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》,并同意我们根据《环球凯悦员工隐私权政策》使用您提交给我们的个人信息。特别是,您同意我们能够将您的个人信息交由我们人力资源部经理及员工在美国及世界其他辖区内审阅及参考。

薪资: 5.5千-6.5千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

Duties:-  Provide F&B data updates for regional office-  Prepare all required professional Power Point reports-  Analysis of trends in the market for F&B and Rooms to maximize different revenue streams Requirements:-  IT or Finance background-  Savvy with all programming requirements and be fully proficient in delivering high quality, professional presentations-  Have ability to collect and analyze information-  Excellent written and spoken English and Mandarin-  Recent graduate and overseas schooling are preferable-  Based locally within Beijing is preferable 岗位职责:- 为香格里拉集团区域办公室提供酒店餐饮相关数据更新- 通过PPT等专业形式呈现酒店信息- 通过数据,分析餐饮和客房市场趋势,使企业收益最大化 岗位要求:- 具有IT或财务教育背景- 善于使用电脑软件及PPT制作- 具备数据分析能力- 关注本地市场餐饮行业发展,并对餐饮行业持有较高热情- 良好的中英文书写及交流能力- 应届毕业生及海外学历优先- 熟悉北京环境者优先

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:北京-朝阳区 食宿:提供食宿


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