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薪资: 4千-5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

1.Is a passionate leader striving for perfection with a Can Do attitude, which gets respect by knowledge, guidance and fairness. A leader which service collaborative look up and practices an open door policy to all collaborative富有激情的主管秉持着可以做到的态度始终追求完美,通过专业知识,指导和公平公正收到尊重。受到同事的尊敬并对所有的同事都敞开心扉。2.Ensures that all collaborative are assigned to service stations, have sufficient equipment and supplies and that tables in the restaurant are clean, well maintained and properly set up according to the meal period set up at all times确保给所有同事分配好服务区域,有足够设备和物品使用,始终保持餐厅餐桌干净整洁并根据相应餐段进行摆台3.Supports and coaches service attendants in serving food and drink to guest according to prescribed service standards and procedures of restaurant service with emphasis on quality, speed, accuracy and attention to detail striving to perfection根据既定的服务标准,支持和训练服务人员如何服务食物和酒水以及餐厅服务流程,重点强调质量,速度,准确性及将所有细节精益求精4.Is fully proficient on the Point of Sale system (POS), Restaurant Reservation procedures精通使用POS系统和餐厅预订系统5.Checks the cleanliness and maintenance of equipment, fixtures, storage and service area and menus in the restaurant assigned and acts if rectification is necessary检查及维护所分配区域餐厅设备,固定装置,仓库,服务区域及菜单的是否整洁,如有需要应及时修正6.Knowledgeable on all food and drink menus of the restaurant including all meal provide.熟悉所有餐厅的菜单及酒水单,包括早餐午餐晚餐7.Initiates guest interaction through seeking feedback in order to personalize service and EPIC guest与客人互动,寻求客人反馈从而为客人制定个性化服务及让宾客感到惊喜8.Takes accurate orders for all guests according to the given standard and practices suggestive selling to boost restaurant sales and checks the status of all orders and ensures that they are delivered within designated timelines根据既定标准为客人准确的点单,练习进阶销售来增加餐厅收入,检查所有点单的状态,确保所有点单都按时上菜9.Keeping the Asst. Lead Enthusiast updated on the challenges, orders, guest satisfaction, guest preferences and special requests.确保副经理接收到最新的餐厅及宾客信息,包括困难,命令, 客人满意度,宾客喜好及特殊需求Keeping the Asst. Lead Enthusiast updated on the challenges, orders, guest satisfaction, guest preferences and special requests.10.Reports to the Asst. Lead Enthusiast or FD leader at the start of shift to receive necessary instructions for the shift, side duties assigned, table reservations, menu changes, special menu, availability of food and drinks and guest comments.交接班时向副经理汇报或获取需要交接的事宜,包含工作任务分配、预定数、菜单更改、特供菜单、食品酒水库存及宾客反馈11.Capable of operating all equipment in the restaurant and bar掌握餐厅及酒吧所有设备的操作12.Establishes and maintains respectful and good relations with collaborative within and between other collaborative在本部门团队成员间及与其他部门成员间建立并维持相互尊重及良好关系13.Provides assistance to collaborative within Food & Drinks and amongst other collaborative in the performance of tasks to foster collaborative, respect and success for the Hotel与团队成员互帮互助包含餐饮部成员及其他部门成员,相互尊重,促进团队合作,为公司绩效作贡献14.Follow and maintain established par levels for supplies and equipment. Complete requisitions to replenish shortages or additional items needed for the anticipated business and informs the Asst. Lead Enthusiast about it遵循和维持物品和设备的既定最低库存。完成补充短缺申请或为可预见生意增减新项目的申请表并告知副经理15.Ensure that collaborative reports to work as scheduled.确保同事按照工作安排进行工作16.Assign work and side duties to collaborative in accordance with collaborative procedures.  Communicate additions or changes to the assignments as they arise throughout the shift. Identify situations, which compromise the restaurant standard and delegate these tasks根据部门运作流程分配工作给同事。在当班过程中增加或更改的工作任务及时告知同事,识别情况,17.Inspect grooming and attire of collaborative; coaches and helps to rectify any deficiencies检查同事的仪容仪表和着装,如有不合适的帮助他们改正18.Constantly monitor collaborative performance in all phases of service and job functions following Collaborative standards遵循部部门标准持续关注同事在各个服务阶段及工作职能中的表现19.Assist Asst. Lead Enthusiast to conduct formal collaborative training program on food and drinks and service standard and takes ownership on Asst. Lead Enthusiasts absence协助副经理进行员工培训,包括食品和酒水以及服务标准,当副经理不在时,替代其工作职责。20.Monitor guest reactions and confer frequently with service collaborative to ensure guest satisfaction.  Review guest feedback with Asst. Lead Enthusiast to check on guest satisfaction and offer further assistance观察客人的反应并保持时常服务同事的沟通以确保客人的满意度。与副经理一起查看21.To ensure all collaborative answers telephone with corrects telephone etiquette确保所有同事使用正确的电话礼仪接听电话。22.Anticipate guests’ needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.  Promote positive, thoughtful and respectful guest relations at all times预见客人的需求,适当回复及回应客人,无论何时无论多忙。与客人建立积极,体贴,尊重的客户关系。23.Monitor and handle feedback and informs Assist Lead ADD Enthusiast immediately and takes responsibility that further actions are taken to ensure guest satisfaction监控及处理客人反馈并及时告知餐厅副经理,负责后续行动以确保客人满意度。24.Ensure all closing duties for collaborative are completed before collaborative signs out确保同事在离开前完成所有收档工作。25.Provide feedback to collaborative on their performance. Informs Assist Lead ADD Enthusiast on a regular basis对同事的工作给予反馈,并定期汇报给餐厅副经理。26.Complete work orders for maintenance repairs and submit to Engineering. Contact Engineering directly for urgent repairs through HotSOS.通过HOTSOS填写工程维修单并交至工程部。紧急维修直接联系工程部27.Document pertinent information in restaurant log book记录相关信息至餐厅交接班本上28.Complete all administrative and closing duties in accordance with restaurant standards根据餐厅标准完成所有行政事务及关档工作29.Complete and direct scheduled inventories完成和安排仓库存储30.Upselling and cross selling F&D product and hotel product as a daily task.每日推销餐饮部产品和酒店产品31.Monitors and improve SALT, QA, FSAA, Rev Max etc. all standard are implement at collaborative at all time, ensure all brand audit check are exceeded.任何时候都监督和改进客人满意度调查,QA,食品卫生,收入最大化等所有的标准,确保所有的品牌审计都超过品牌标准。

薪资: 3千-4千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:四川-成都-锦江 食宿:面议

Adventurous and spontaneous Outgoing and people-oriented personality Effective interpersonal skills and a great team player Relevant experience or a real passion to learn                                           Has strong responsibility敢做敢为的、 积极主动、 富于激情的。        性格开朗、富有朝气、 有个性的。             良好的人际交往能力和团队合作意识。          乐于学习或接受新事物。                          有很强的工作责任心。

薪资: 4千-6千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:西式餐饮
地区:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

1.具有一定基础管理能力,日常人员安排,带班,对客服务,处理简单客诉. 2.具有良好的职业素养,树立基础管理人员以身作则的重要作用. 3.有基础的培训能力,可以在日常工作中发现员工问题,通过有效培训,提高员工专业能力.

薪资: 4千-6千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:四川-成都-邛崃 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 4千-5千 经验:不限 企业类型:中式餐饮
地区:四川-成都-武侯 食宿:提供食宿


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