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薪资: 4.5千-8千 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆 食宿:提供住

岗位职责:•Responsible for market development to increase and retain customers.负责市场开发,增加并保留客源。• Establish and maintain good customer relationships to increase sales revenue.建立并维护良好的客户关系以增加销售额。• Complete the entire sales process, including sales tracking, scene investigation, price negotiations,contract preparation and signing.完成全程的销售流程,包括销售跟踪,现场勘查,价格谈判,合约准备与签订。• Serve customers, understand their needs and try to satisfy their requirements.服务客户,了解需求并尽量满足客户的要求。• Create and participate in various sales events to enhance customer relationships.设计并参与各项销售活动来增强客户的关系。• Prepare and analyze sales reports.准备,分析销售报表。按时完成公司要求的销售相关系统的更新Requirements资质需求• Bachelor degree or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing English abilities大学本科以上学历,流利的英文听、说、读、写能力。• More than 3 years hotel / service apartment sales experience.3年以上酒店/服务公寓销售工作经验。• Good interpersonal communication skills to effectively carry out internal / external communications.良好的人际沟通能力,能有效地内部和外部进行交流

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 5千-6.5千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆-渝中区 食宿:提供吃

Develop new guest开发客户   1.Control mailing list and ensure it updated constantly. 控制通讯名录并保证不断更新。     2.Maintain existing  business and develop new accounts. 保持现有客户并发展新的客户。3.Maintain good business relationship with all producers. 同客户保持良好的商业关系。    4.Complete weekly entertainment and weekly activities plan. 完成每周的款待和活动计划。    5.Conduct sales campaign  by direct sales call / visits/mailing for group and FIT business, meeting and  banquets from all sources for bookings and leads.对团队和商务散客通过电话销售、访问、邮寄开展销售活动。         Follow up guest 跟进客户   1.Make sure all booking orders(banquet/meetings) are correctly instructed for effective communication between sales and banquet operation   确认所有的预定单(包括宴会与会议)被准确无误地在销售部与宴会之间进行沟通并生效。     2.Plans and Ensure all incoming correspondence and telephone enquiries are handled with efficiency and great care to build up a pleasant working relationship  保证对所有的来信和电话询问都进行有效的处理,建立一种令人愉快的工作关系。        3.Keep clients advised of latest information regarding hotel’s development  记录客户对于酒店发展的建议和最新的信息。      4.Assist in conduct training to new staff.协助新员工的培训工作。            5.To know clearly the hotel objectives and sales target set for his/her area of responsibilities breakdown into weekly, monthly and yearly target set forth in the sales plan  清楚地了解其分管区域的销售目标,并预先在销售计划中将其按年/月/周的目标进行细分。  6.To conduct daily sales visit to assigned accounts to solicit business for the hotel for both rooms and food & beverage through effective client account management.   安排每日走访的客户,以期在客房及餐饮上为酒店寻求更多的业务。    7.Conduct active distribution of product information and create awareness in the market and business segment or responsibility.   积极宣传酒店产品         Others 其他工作    1.Abides by both the hotel and Regent policies and procedures   遵守酒店及集团的政策和程序         2.Analyses,evaluates and improves personal erformance on a continual basis  对个人表现进行时时分析,评估和改进     3.Carries out other tasks as directed by supervisor  完成其他交予的工作       

薪资: 4千-5千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆 食宿:提供食宿

·The Sales Manager's mission is to primarily promote the hotel and where possible, hotels belonging to the chain in his/her area/region. This position is accountable for booking individual and/or group business on an established base of the top producing key accounts and for managing / converting high potential key prospects 销售经理的任务主要是在本地区推广饭店。主要负责已签约的重要个人或团体的预定,以及发展有潜力的客户· Assist in drawing up the marketing plan annually with the Director of Sales and Marketing 协助市场销售总监制定年度计划· Keeps a record on former, existing, potential clients and a profile of each of them 妥善保存有关以前和现有的具有潜力的客户资料以及档案· Prepares a tentative monthly schedule to record all sales and other related actives for the preceding month.每月制定临时时间表,用以记录上月所有的销售活动或其它相关活动.· Presents a summary of his/her visits to the Director of Sales and Marketing on a weekly basis (Weekly Sales Plan) prior and after the week is completed.以周销售计划为基础,每周前或每周后向销售总监提交一份有关销售拜访概况的报告.·Submits production reports on his/her list of accounts on a monthly basis 每月提交其客户客房使用量的总结报告· Closely observes matters pertaining to competition (sites, prices, services offered on a regular basis - quarterly or more often if need be)密切关注涉及竞争的事宜。(位置、常规价格、服务-偶然或经常需要的)

薪资: 4千-5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆-渝中区 食宿:提供食宿

Operational营运管理Ensures professional Sales Calls using Hyatt’s Consultative Selling principles and SMART Selling philosophies.确保拜访客人的专业性:运用凯悦的顾问式销售原则和市场营销分析报表工具理念。Carefully plans Sales Calls into defined objectives.根据既定的目标来计划拜访客人。Maintains a detailed knowledge of hotel facilities, features and services.保持对酒店的设施设备,特征和服务有具体的了解。Conducts extensive competitor researches and maintains excellent Product Knowledge of the Hotel.对竞争对手进行密集的调查,对其酒店产品知识有这透彻的了解。Ensures systematically and efficiently calls on allocated Accounts within location and reports findings and opportunities to the Associate Director of Sales.系统而有效地拜访现有的和潜在的范围之内的客户,把所得的发现和机会整合成报表并上交给销售部副总监。Pre-qualifies and targets prospects, utilising Fidelio database and develops appropriate and effective sales solicitation strategies to increase hotel’s market share.预先调查并设定主要目标,利用Fidelio数据库去制定适合而有效的销售策略,从而扩大酒店的市场份额。Ensures a high level of exposure for hotel through direct sales solicitation of telephone contact and written communications.通过直接的销售电话接触或书信沟通,维持酒店高度的公众知名度。Professionally conducts routine telemarketing activities to identify new business opportunities.General总则Ensures services provided by the Department are always available and are always carried out to defined Standard with the utmost efficiency, consistency and courtesy as detailed in the Department Operations Manual.确保部门在任何时候都可以提供服务,而且所提供的服务必须符合部门运营手册标准:高效、一致、礼貌。Attends and contributes to all Meetings as required.出席参与所有相关的会议。Ensures all employees provide courteous and professional service at all times.确保所有的员工在任何时候都提供礼貌而专业的服务。Handles guest and employee enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst providing feedback for prompt follow up.礼貌而高效的处理客人和员工的咨询。如果不能即时找到合适的解决方案,在向客人或员工承诺跟进的同时应向上级汇报相关的投诉或问题。Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in employee and industrial relations, understanding and strictly adhering to Rules & Regulations established in the Employee Handbook and the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health & safety.充分了解雇员立法和劳资关系,理解并严格遵守员工手册、酒店消防、卫生、健康与安全等相关的规章制度。Is actively involved in the welfare, safety, development and well being of employees providing advice, counselling and truthful, diplomatic feedback.积极地为员工的福利、安全、发展和心身健康出谋献策,并给与有辅导性,可信度和建设性的回馈。Ensures the highest standards of personal presentation & grooming.确保个人精神面貌的高度标准性

薪资: 2.5千-3千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆 食宿:提供食宿

1.全面负责宴会或客房销售,展示会等的推广、预订工作;2.负责完成餐饮宴会销售目标和饭店的收入目标。3.通过与客户的沟通,并与本地客户建立牢固的合作和商业伙伴关系。4.协助市场销售总监开发并制作销售计划,并准备预算。5.管理并协助销售部工作,及时有效的完成每日工作任务。6.部门之间协调,确保为客人提供高水准服务,达到其预计希望。岗位要求1.具有酒店宴会或客房销售岗位工作经验,,能结合行业特点开展整体市场营销工作,有一定的客户积累,团队合作精神;2.对高档宴会的组织及执行有丰富的经验3.工作细致、严谨,并具有战略前瞻性思维。 一经录用,包吃住,做五休二,入职购买五险一金 面试时间:周一至周五  9:00-16:00 地点:重庆融汇丽笙酒店负二楼人力资源部

薪资: 8千-1万 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆-南川区 食宿:提供食宿

Job Responsibilities 岗位职责:1、根据市场前景制定酒店年度市场公关媒体计划及制作预算;2、发展良好的媒体关系,负责酒店各类公关活动策划与执行;3、代表酒店与媒体沟通,促进良好的公关形象,提高酒店知名度和声誉;4、管理酒店社会化媒体平台,如:微信、微博、抖音等内容策划与发布;5、对接不同的媒体合作,参加各种营销计划及大型活动,树立酒店形象;6、关注竞争对手知名度及推广活动,并在制定市场策略时充分利用信息;7、保持与政府相关部门和法定机关的良好联络,并保证遵守相关法规和条例。Job Qualification任职条件:1、全日制大专(含)以上学历,市场营销或公关关系专业为佳;2、两年以上酒店或旅游行业品牌宣传、推广及策划等工作经验;3、具备较强的决策能力、良好的协调能力、较强的人际沟通能力。

薪资: 7千-1.2万 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:重庆 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级


薪资: 3千-8千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:重庆 食宿:不提供食宿

岗位职责:1、负责酒店门店的营销工作,完成每月销售任务目标;2、与其他公司、会展机构及旅行社等联系,开发线下销售渠道,签订协议,完成销售工作;3、有计划的走访、维护客户,及时整理客户信息资料;4、接受预定,及时向运营经理汇报重点、大型的业务活动,以确保客人抵达之前做好一切接待准备工作;5、做好重要客人、团队接待和服务协调工作,事后征询客人意见,并将意见反馈给上级和有关部门;6、上级领导交代的其他工作。 任职要求:1、大专及以上学历,年龄22-35岁,有客户资源、旅行社资源优先;2、一年以上酒店或者旅行社销售经验;3、有责任心,善于沟通协调,具有较强的市场开拓能力及洞察力;4、有要较强的学习能力以及良好的团队配合意识,工作认真,敬业。工作地点:成都

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