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薪资: 3.5千-6千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-金华 食宿:提供食宿

Negotiate terms pertinent to the sale of conference and banqueting services协商有关会议销售和宴会服务的条款。Assist in the co-ordination of conference sales/promotional events and activities协助协调会议销售和促销活动等工作。Assist in the operation of banquet functions协助运作宴会工作。Liaise with Reservations for space allocation and priority与预订部联系有关场地分配和优先权的问题。Conducts daily briefings and other meetings as needed to obtain optimal results需要时主持每天的例会和其它会议,使会议取得最佳效果。

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-金华 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:2年以上 企业类型:精品酒店
地区:浙江-金华 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:其他

The Mission:·         To review the contract send from the sale office, and to understand it·         To contact the client to discuss the contract and the client’s needs·         To add if need extra for village business sales·         To plan the client stay according to their needs and with the accordance of the village·         To welcome the group on site and be their coordinator·         To follow for a feedback after the group’s departureThe Tasks:Planning:·         Receive and control the content of the contract send by the commercial offices·         Check in the information and enter all the modifications in real time (accommodation, transfer, and extra)·         Send the requirement letter and rooming list to the client·         Insure the site visit and send a report to the commercial office·         Propose and sell to the client additional benefits (excursions, gifts, team-building, etc.…)·         Advise, guide, insure the link and relations with the client during the creation of the program, and also from the site inspection·         Answer the demands and the developing needs of the client·         Establish the program and the details of the additional benefits depending on the wishes of the client, with the knowledge of the village life·         Prepare the documents need (welcome letter, meeting room information, reserved table at restaurant)·         Seize the computer information (rooming list & accommodation prices)Coordinate:·         Give the program/Mega to all the service in the village·         Welcome the group and present the leader to the Meetings & Events Manager, Room Division Manager, and all the need managers·         Validate with the group leader as soon as he arrives, the unfolding of the program·         Communicate all the changes regarding the group to the RDSGuarantee:·         To insure the applications of the sales conditions applied to the contract·         To insure the following of the program with client during the group’s stay·         Supervise and control within the village services, the good following of the program, and be present during key momentsRegulate:·         Establish the policy and follow with the accounting·         To reassemble, control, prepare at the end of the stay, all the document related to the group (PMS account, planning reconciliation, additional benefits) to regulate the accounting·         Consolidate the group in NA to establish the preparatory bill·         Insure the remaining payment·         Archive the group fileAssure (upon the request of the manager)·         Receiving the decisions makers during the site inspection (confirmed groups or not)·         Send a detail report of the site inspection to the commercial office·         Insure the set-up of the program for Fam trip and internal meetingsOrganizing:·         Know the village in its full·         Develop relationship with all the services managers·         Know the standards and regulation of Meetings & Events (Quali & Pros signs)Education:·         Diploma or Degree in Hospitality Management/Business Administration or equivalent·         Job experience : 1 to 2 years’ experience in managing sales, dealing with corporate clients and events planning; experience of Club Med is a plus·         Skills requested: Team management skills (evaluation, coaching, development), able to empower others (decision making, leadership), act in line with the Group and BU strategy, anticipating, client oriented, argumentative skills, organization skills.·         Technical skills : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, (If Club Med experience : NA, OSCAR)·         Languages : English, Mandarin/Cantonese·         Behavior: Pioneer, Multicultural spirit, Kindness, Freedom, Responsible, Entrepreneurial spirit, persistent & demanding, open-minded, team player and target oriented 

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