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薪资: 4千-5千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-塘沽区 食宿:提供食宿

 The Account Sales Executive will execute the overall account strategy for assigned accounts to generate and maximise business for the property.  Overall, the position is accountable for the following:客户销售主任将针对指定客户执行整体客户战略,以获得酒店业务并使其实现最大化。总体而言,该职位需要负责以下各项工作: Account Management客户管理·           Develop and implement the overall account strategy for assigned accounts. Execute sales strategy to achieve property goals.制定并实施面向指定客户的整体客户战略。执行销售战略以实现酒店目标。   ·           Retain, expand and grow account revenue of existing accounts through total account penetration, margin management, and implementation of sales and marketing initiatives. Penetrate assigned accounts for group and transient, as well as exploring opportunities for extended stay and catering sales business.  Maintain current business Accounts for new business within accounts.通过总体客户渗透、收益管理以及实施销售和市场营销计划,保持、扩展和增加基于现有客户的客户收入。渗透到团队和临时旅客的指定客户当中,以及寻找延长停留时间和餐饮销售业务的机会。维护当前的业务关系,以便针对现有客户开展新业务。·           Identify and aggressively solicit new accounts in coordination with any relevant Sales and Marketing colleagues and Above Property Sales.与相关销售和市场营销部同事以及酒店销售人员进行协作,锁定并大力吸引新客户。·           Gain understanding of the hotel’s primary target customer and service expectations; serve the customer by understanding their business, business issues and concerns, to offer better business solutions both prior to, and during the program/event.了解酒店的主要目标客户和服务期望;通过了解客户的业务和业务方面的问题,为客户提供服务,以便在客户的计划/活动之前以及过程中提供更好的业务解决方案。·           Develop and implement strategic sales plans.  Execute designated sales strategies to develop and solicit specific accounts to achieve revenue goals.制定并实施战略销售计划。执行指定的销售战略来开发和吸引特定客户,以实现收入目标。·           Collaborate and engage third parties that are sourced through the organization for their individual travel or group planning needs.与通过组织介绍而来的第三方进行协作和接洽,以满足他们的个人旅行或团队计划需求。·           Serve as the account’s “local service guarantee” by ensuring that outstanding service delivery is maintained at every customer touch point, issues are resolved timely and to the customers’ 100% satisfaction.确保在每个客户接触点保持提供卓越的服务,及时解决问题并达到 100% 的客户满意度,为客户提供“本地服务保障”。·           Build and strengthen Accounts with existing and new customers, industry organizations and brand network to enable future bookings. Activities include sales calls, entertainment, FAM trips, trade shows, etc.建立并加强与现有客户和新客户、各业界组织以及品牌网络的关系,以实现未来预订。活动包括销售拜访、接待、考察团、贸易展览等。       ·           Understand the overall market dynamics - competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, economic trends, supply and demand etc. and how to sell to assigned accounts. Act as the customer’s advocate through understanding account needs and opportunities.  Identify emerging business opportunities and risks within assigned accounts and provide feedback to key stakeholders (i.e. property Leadership). 了解整个市场动态 - 竞争对手的优势和弱点、经济趋势、供需情况等,以及如何销售给指定的客户。通过了解客户的需求和机会,扮演客户代言人的角色。确定指定客户当中的新兴业务机会和风险,并向主要负责人(如酒店领导层)提供反馈。·           Leverage appropriate Above Property Sales and property Leadership to ensure account saturation, pull-through of account strategies and selling solutions at the local property level.在适当的酒店销售人员和酒店领导层的帮助下,确保客户达到饱和状态、拉动客户战略并在本地酒店级别销售解决方案。·           Develop a close working Account with Operations to ensure execution of strategies at the hotel level.与运营部门建立紧密的工作关系,以确保执行酒店级别战略。·           Execute and support the operational aspects of business booked (e.g., generating proposal, writing contract, customer correspondence).执行并支持预订业务的各方面运作(例如,生成计划书、撰写合同、客户信件)。·           Conduct and coordinate site inspections for hotels, as required.根据需要执行并协调开展酒店现场检查。·           Establish and maintain accurate and up-to-date customer, account and opportunity data each account in Opera Sales and Catering to ensure accurate reporting.建立并维护准确的最新客户数据以及运营销售和餐饮部每个客户的机会数据,以确保准确的报告。·           Effectively resolve guest issues that arise in the sales process.  Bring issues to the attention of property leadership, as appropriate.有效地解决在销售过程中出现的客人相关问题。适时引起酒店领导阶层对这些问题的关注。·           Execute and support Marriott’s Customer Service Standards and hotel’s Brand Standards.执行并支持万豪酒店集团的客户服务标准和酒店的品牌标准。·           Participate in and practice daily service basics of the brand (i.e., MHR Genuine Care Basics, R Ways, CY Refresh Service).参加并实践品牌日常服务基本知识(如,万豪真挚关爱、万丽之道、万怡清新怡人服务)。·           Execute exemplary customer service to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty by assisting the customer and ensuring their satisfaction before and during their program/event.执行优质的客户服务,在客户的计划/活动之前和过程中为客户提供帮助并确保他们的满意度,从而提高客户满意度和忠诚度。  ·           Serve the customer by understanding their needs and recommending the appropriate features and services that best meet their needs and exceed their expectations, while building a Account and loyalty to Marriott International.通过了解客户的需求并推荐最符合客户需求的、适当的功能和服务,来为客户提供服务,同时建立关系及其对万豪国际酒店的忠诚度。·           Perform other duties, as assigned, to meet business needs.执行所指派的其他职责,以满足业务需求。 Operational Excellence卓越的运营能力·           Achieve account revenue and sales goals as defined by Leadership. Develop and achieve operating budgets and manage controllable expenses.实现领导层所定义的客户收入和销售目标。制定并实现运营预算,以及管理可控制的支出。·           Leverage methodologies, technical and business knowledge across the market.利用市场相关方法、技术和业务知识。·           Anticipate and identify business opportunities and challenges and respond with a profitable strategy that aligns with overall business direction.预见和确定业务机会与挑战,并可以提出与整体业务方向相一致的赢利战略。·           Increase local penetration of high potential accounts to optimize demand across all brands and satisfy important property needs.加大最具潜力客户的本地渗透,以跨所有品牌优化品牌要求,并满足重要的酒店需求。·           Engage in property related events that support the development of existing and new accounts (e.g., GM Reception, Concierge Level hospitality, etc).参与支持发展现有客户和新客户的酒店相关活动(例如,GM 接待、礼宾级招待等)。·           Leverage all available sales channels, (e.g.,, group and transient intermediaries, field sales, worldwide reservation offices, etc), in an effort to optimize sales revenues.利用所有可用的销售渠道(例如,、团队和临时旅客中介机构、现场销售、全球预订办事处等),努力优化销售收入。

薪资: 面议 经验:1年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级

 • With Catering Sales Manager plan sales strategy and implement tactics to achieve budget与会议销售经理一起计划并执行销售策略,完成预算。• Sell all facets of the hotel and cross sell other InterContinental Hotels Group properties销售酒店的所有设施,并跨酒店销售其它洲际酒店。• Establish new business and maintain existing business accounts through the preparation and execution of action plans通过制定和执行工作方案来开发新业务客戶,维护现有业务客戶。• Convert sales leads转化销售线索。• Handle accounts/prospects jointly with senior positions与高职位员工一起处理客户或可能成为客户的业务。• Solicit and close business according to established parameters根据建立起来的监测数据接收和拒绝业务。• Conduct familiarizations and site inspections执行使客人熟悉环境的现场考察活动。• Maintain a regular sales call pattern保持定期的电话销售模式。• Monitor competitive set and communicate tactical changes to Manager监测同档次酒店并与经理就策略的更改进行交流。• Attend regular meetings参加例会。• Entertain prospects and existing key accounts with the view to sustain business and generate further sales招待潜在客户和现有重要客户以获得业务和创造更多销售额。 • Report as required on sales activities and successes按要求汇报销售工作和战绩。• Participate in conducting client interviews参加客户拜访。• Maintain regular contract with the ICHG regional network of hotels and reservation center与所在区域内的洲际酒店集团成员和区域预订办公室保持定期联系。• Monitor competitor activities监测竞争对手的工作。• Build profile in market place在市场上创造声誉。• Assist Sales Manager with collateral distribution and direct mail campaigns协助销售经理分发宣传品和直邮广告。• Work in line with business requirements依照业务需求开展工作。

薪资: 面议 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-蓟 食宿:面议


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责Job Description1.全面负责宴会和会议,展示会等的推销、预订工作;Fully responsible for the banquet and meeting, the exhibition and other sales and booking work.2.制定宴会销售的市场推销计划、简历并完善宴会销售部工作程序和标准,制定宴会销售部规章制度并指挥实施;Make a marketing plan, resume and perfect the working procedures and standards of the banquet sales department, set up the rules and regulations of the banquet sales department and carry out the banquet sales.3.参加酒店管理人员会议、完成上传下达工作;Take part in the meeting of hotel managers and complete the work of uploading and uploading.4.安排布置并督导下属人员的正常工作;Arrange and supervise the normal work of the subordinates.5.建立改善宴会日记、客户合同存档、宴会订单和预报单的存档记录,使之成为有效的工作程序和管理手段;To improve the record of banquet diaries, customer contract archives, banquet orders and forecast lists, making it an effective working procedure and management means.6.与餐饮部总监和行政总厨沟通协调,共同议定宴会菜单及价格;Communication and coordination with the director of the catering department and the executive chef, and jointly agree on the menu and price of the banquet.7.与其他部门沟通、协调、密切配合;Communication, coordination and close cooperation with other departments.8.定期对下属进行绩效评估,按奖惩制度实施奖惩,并加强对员工的培训工作、提高员工素质。Regularly evaluate the performance of the subordinates, carry out rewards and punishments according to the system of rewards and punishment, and strengthen the training of employees and improve the quality of their employees.岗位要求Job Requirements1.具有酒店宴会销售岗位工作经验,,能结合行业特点开展整体市场营销工作,有一定的客户积累,团队合作精神;With the work experience of banquet sales position, can carry out the overall marketing work combined with the characteristics of the industry, has a certain customer accumulation and team spirit.2.对高档宴会的组织及执行有丰富的经验;Rich experience in the organization and implementation of high grade banquets.3.具有较强的管理能力、判断和决策能力、人际沟通协调能力、计划与执行能力;Strong management ability, judgement and decision ability, interpersonal communication and coordination ability, plan and execution ability.4.工作细致、严谨,并具有战略前瞻性思维。The work is meticulous and rigorous, and has the strategic forward thinking.

薪资: 3千-4千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-河西区 食宿:面议

Airi热爱旅行。她上班的时候不会带着她的地图册,但她却会将同样的活力和热情带到工作中来。天津梅江中心皇冠假日酒店寻找像Airi这样的人才,能够在其岗位上表现出色,言行得体,随机应变,为客人建立信任。 天津梅江中心皇冠假日酒店是由天津滨海友谊投资有限公司投资、由最具全球性的英国洲际酒店集团管理的一家高端商务酒店。酒店是天津市唯一360度全湖景酒店,酒店周边2公里范围内拥有20万平米国展中心,80万平米的森林公园,3000万平米的富人住宅区,15万平米的商业公建配套,尽揽100万平米的湖景,座靠地铁6号线出口,距离机场仅25分钟车程。酒店于2014年9月盛大开业,我们欢迎才华横溢的您一起加入我们的致胜团队,和我们一起创建“客人的挚爱的杰出酒店”。 我们正在寻找一名热情友善、形象专业的销售主任加入我们的团队。

薪资: 1.5万-2万 经验:8年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-和平区 食宿:提供吃

Responsibilities工作职责1.Leads and directs the team to solicit business and to handle and manage all incoming groups and events inquiries in adhering to the service standards;2.Manages leads distribution among the team to ensure efficient responses to sales opportunity and supervise the overall sales services and quality;3.Leads and directs sales managers to respond and manage all incoming groups and events inquires in adhering to the service standards.1.领导和管理团队,根据服务标准招揽业务,处理和管理所有的正在进行的宴会会议;2.管理团队中的领导,以确保有效的抓住销售机会,并监督销售服务和质量;3.坚持服务标准来领导和管理销售经理,负责管理所有突发事件。Preferred Qualification and Skills岗位职责1.Bachelor above education background;2.3-4 Years experience as a Catering Sales Role;3.Proven interpersonal skills with a track record of successful client interactions;4.Excellent reading, writing & oral proficiency in the English language;5.Coaching and People Development Skills;6.Good organizational skill;7.Mandarin speaking is a must and work authorization in China is required.1.大学本科以上学历;2.至少三到四年宴会销售经验;3.与客人之间保持良好的交往和沟通关系;4.熟练的英语阅读、书写及口语能力;5.员工培训及发展能力;6.良好的组织能力;7.能够讲普通话及具有在中国工作的许可。

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:其他

The Mission:·         To review the contract send from the sale office, and to understand it·         To contact the client to discuss the contract and the client’s needs·         To add if need extra for village business sales·         To plan the client stay according to their needs and with the accordance of the village·         To welcome the group on site and be their coordinator·         To follow for a feedback after the group’s departureThe Tasks:Planning:·         Receive and control the content of the contract send by the commercial offices·         Check in the information and enter all the modifications in real time (accommodation, transfer, and extra)·         Send the requirement letter and rooming list to the client·         Insure the site visit and send a report to the commercial office·         Propose and sell to the client additional benefits (excursions, gifts, team-building, etc.…)·         Advise, guide, insure the link and relations with the client during the creation of the program, and also from the site inspection·         Answer the demands and the developing needs of the client·         Establish the program and the details of the additional benefits depending on the wishes of the client, with the knowledge of the village life·         Prepare the documents need (welcome letter, meeting room information, reserved table at restaurant)·         Seize the computer information (rooming list & accommodation prices)Coordinate:·         Give the program/Mega to all the service in the village·         Welcome the group and present the leader to the Meetings & Events Manager, Room Division Manager, and all the need managers·         Validate with the group leader as soon as he arrives, the unfolding of the program·         Communicate all the changes regarding the group to the RDSGuarantee:·         To insure the applications of the sales conditions applied to the contract·         To insure the following of the program with client during the group’s stay·         Supervise and control within the village services, the good following of the program, and be present during key momentsRegulate:·         Establish the policy and follow with the accounting·         To reassemble, control, prepare at the end of the stay, all the document related to the group (PMS account, planning reconciliation, additional benefits) to regulate the accounting·         Consolidate the group in NA to establish the preparatory bill·         Insure the remaining payment·         Archive the group fileAssure (upon the request of the manager)·         Receiving the decisions makers during the site inspection (confirmed groups or not)·         Send a detail report of the site inspection to the commercial office·         Insure the set-up of the program for Fam trip and internal meetingsOrganizing:·         Know the village in its full·         Develop relationship with all the services managers·         Know the standards and regulation of Meetings & Events (Quali & Pros signs)Education:·         Diploma or Degree in Hospitality Management/Business Administration or equivalent·         Job experience : 1 to 2 years’ experience in managing sales, dealing with corporate clients and events planning; experience of Club Med is a plus·         Skills requested: Team management skills (evaluation, coaching, development), able to empower others (decision making, leadership), act in line with the Group and BU strategy, anticipating, client oriented, argumentative skills, organization skills.·         Technical skills : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, (If Club Med experience : NA, OSCAR)·         Languages : English, Mandarin/Cantonese·         Behavior: Pioneer, Multicultural spirit, Kindness, Freedom, Responsible, Entrepreneurial spirit, persistent & demanding, open-minded, team player and target oriented 

薪资: 4千-5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-东丽区 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责:1、全面负责会议、商务活动的推销、预定工作。2、定期走访政府机关,金融、教育等机关部门以及大中型企业等大型团队,制定每周走访计划。3、负责辖区市场信息的收集及竞争对手的分析,负责销售区域内销售活动的策划和执行,完成销售任务。4、根据市场营销计划,完成部门销售指标,5、负责与客户保持联络,管理维护客户关系以及客户间的长期战略合作计划,发掘潜在客户,扩大企业市场范围。职位要求:1.具有2年以上酒店销售岗位工作经验,五官端正,男女不限。  2.有一定的客户资源积累,对会议、商务活动的组织及执行有丰富的经验;3.具有较强的管理能力、判断和决策能力、人际沟通协调能力、计划与执行能力,工作细致、严谨,具有团队合作精神。

薪资: 4千-5.5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-和平区 食宿:面议

1.负责完成餐饮宴会销售目标和酒店的收入目标。2.通过与客户的沟通,并与本地客户建立牢固的合作和商业伙伴关系。3.协助宴会会议总监开发并制作销售计划,并准备预算。4. 管理并协助宴会销售部,确保顺畅运作,按照要求及时有效的完成每日工作任务5.部门之间协调,确保为客人提供高水准服务,达到其预计希望。职责义务:1. 与宴会会议总监和餐饮总监一起制定餐饮宴会销售计划。2. 协助酒店新产品及服务的开发和推广。3. 协助助酒店市场战略的制订。4. 当做计划或做决定时,要考虑外界经济情况。5. 管理财务报告,财务分析、预算,制定部门的定价策略。6. 确保按照收入和开支预算实现经营目标。7. 与本部门及其他部配合工作。8. 预防和处理客人所关心的问题。9. 与客户谈判,确保满足客人的需要,同时又能够实现酒店的利润。10. 与客户保持有效的适当地交流,同时表现出专业的形象及工作方式。11. 对酒店 产品及服务要有高度了解,以便更好地向客人推销酒店的服务及设施。

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-武清区 食宿:提供住

岗位职责1.负责完成部门营业目标确定会议、团队市场分配给自己的销售目标。2.负责不断开发、发展新客户。3.经常拜访老客户,与老客户保持密切的关系,及时掌握老客户的新需求和客源情况,随时为他们处理用房,娱乐用餐、会议等事宜。4.经授权代表本店与客户签订有关团队、会议销售协议,并及时与其他部门沟通,保证协议的实施。5.陪同来访客户参观本酒设备设施,赠送本酒店的宣传资料。6.负责做好团队、会议市场资料收集、汇总及建档工作。及时掌握市场动态,为部门经理提供准确的信息资料。7.协助财务部、前厅部处理好团队、会议开房、信用及结账等工作。岗位要求1. 大专以上学历。有1年同岗位工作经验。2. 掌握一定的市场、公关销售知识和技巧,全面了解本酒店的产品和服务。3. 有较强的协调、推销和交际能力及书面、口头表达能力。4. 有销售部、前厅部工作经验。5. 身体健康,精力充沛,仪表端庄,反应灵活。

薪资: 面议 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:天津-武清区 食宿:提供住


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