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薪资: 4千-5千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-南京 食宿:提供食宿

Responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising, ensuring and maintaining the  smooth and efficient operation of Health Club and other recreation facilities of the hotel and all guest services including memberships to achieve maximum guest satisfaction and generate   profit.计划,组织,协调,督导健身中心运作,确保健身中心以及饭店的其它设备有效地运行,包括使员工最大限度满意地完成各项工作,更好的创造效益。Facilitate a quick and efficient service by ensuring that all guests leave happy with theirs stay .Ensuring consistency of standards throughout the operation by adhering to Hilton brand standards.提供快速有效的服务使客人拥有愉快的离店经历。按照希尔顿的品牌标准以确保运作中服务标准的一贯性。As a team member of Hilton Nanjing performing duties of Health Club Supervisor, outcome of my job is that my guests leave my hotel with a memorable experience and other team members enjoy working with me.作为南京朗昇希尔顿酒店的一名健身中心主管,我工作的成就感来自于客人带着难忘的入住体验离开酒店,团队中的其他成员乐意与我一起工作。 I am part of a very important team and my role effects my hotel’s reputation both in public and internally among team members.  I know that:我是整个团队中的一名成员,我的角色将在公众及内部成员中体现酒店的声誉,我理解: As Health Club Supervisor,   I am part of guest experience and my job is to build guest relationship with my hotel for life.  作为一名健身中心主管,我是客人住店体验的一部分,也是建立酒店和客人关系的桥梁。 RESPONSIBILITIES 主要职责: ·         I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.    我永远积极回应客人表达的或者没有表达出的愿望和需求。 ·         I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.       我被授权为客人创造独特、难忘及个性化的体验。 ·         I understand my role in achieving the Key Success Factors, and maintaining Hilton Nanjing Culture.   我明白自己在实现成功关键因素里扮演的角色,并将维护南京万达希尔顿酒店的文化。 ·         I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the Hilton experience. And suggest those ideas to my immediate superior in my daily briefing.我将不断寻找机会创新并提高希尔顿的服务体验,并在每日例会中与我的经理分享。 ·         I own and immediately resolve guest problems.                                                                                    我将主动并且立刻解决客人的问题。·         I create a work environment of teamwork and 2D service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met. 我将创造团队合作精神及为我们的客人及员工共同服务的工作环境,从而满足客人及其他人员的需求。 ·         I am involved in the planning of the work that affects my desire to succeed.                                    我将专心计划那些影响我是否成功的工作。 ·         I am proud of my professional appearance, language and behavior.                                                  我为我专业的外表、语言和行为感到骄傲。 ·         I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident-free environment.                                                                                                                                        我为干净整洁及创造安全的环境负责。 ·         Let’s remember that when I recognize a guest is encountering a problem, I own that problem, and continues to own it until the problem gets solved.              让我们记住,当员工发现客人遇到问题时,这位员工将为这个问题负责,并且跟进,直至问题得到解决。 ·     Oversee the smooth running of the Health Club on a day to day basis to achieve high levels  of guest satisfaction.  每日确保健身中心正常运作,使客人满意。 ·     To develop and maintain a motivational working environment within the department and       positive relations with other department.      创建有动力的工作环境,与其它部门保持良好的关系。 ·     Attend training sessions/meetings as required. 按要求参加部门会议。 ·     Ensure staffing is adequate for Health Club given the business flow daily through the hotel. 确保健身中心人员编制充足。 ·     Conduct daily shift briefings and meetings and disseminate relevant information to the  Associates. 举行每日交接班会议,向员工传达相关信息。      ·     Ensure all issues pertaining to guest satisfaction are met and that all follow up is   completed timely. Anticipate guest needs and response in timely manner. 确保每一项客人满意都达标,及时跟进客人需求。预见客人需求,及时回应。 ·     Set up system of regular associate training and reporting. 建立员工培训系统。 ·     Undertake relevant administration duties regarding maintenance and housekeeping requests,  annual and sick leave requisitions.   履行行政职责,例如,维护和清洁,年假和病假要求。 ·     Maintain regular quality control inspections of department’s standards. 定期进行质量监督检查。 ·     Responsible for communicating with the Health Club Manager and with other department for  their input and to keep all areas updated on all activities and functions offered to hotel guests  and Health Club members. 负责与康乐部经理及其他部门关于健身中心进行沟通,并及时告知各部门有关健身中心的 各项安排活动 ·     Train and assist in the evaluation of attendants who work with fitness programs.        培训并协助评估执行健身计划的服务员。 ·     Supervise instructors and all other associates helping with any activities or functions are  arranged  via the Health Club. 监督教练员和其他所有健身俱乐部员工的工作情况。  ·     Ensure that hospitality is continually evident during all activities and programs offered to hotel  and local market/members. 确保酒店一切活动都以对客服务为重点。 ·     Prepare monthly calendar of events to inform members of daily programs being offered.         安排每月健身活动课程日历,以便通知会员每日能提供服务项目。 ·     Plan and ensure supervision of all planned activities and maintain a proper supply of all items  needed. 计划、监督各项活动,提供所需用品。   ·     Ensure proper accounting procedures are followed when collecting or charging fees for Health  Club. 健身中心收费应使用正规的会计流程。 ·     Ensure that all activities and job functions are performed in a safe environment using proper  safety techniques.        使用安全的工作习惯,保证客人在安全的环境下健身。 ·     Represent the department at relevant meetings within and outside the Hotel. 在酒店内或酒店外的会议上代表部门形象。 ·     To have knowledge of the hotel rooms, hotel services, relative facilities and Food and Beverage  outlets.  对酒店的客房,酒店的服务, 相关设施和餐饮部门了解。 ·     Ensure health and safety codes are implemented and oversee the personal hygiene and   grooming standards of department associates.  确保安全规范得到应用并关注部门员工的个人卫生仪表标准。 ·     Ensure that purchase manuals are kept up to date and only approved items are purchased.  Purchase order logs should be maintained.       及时更新采购手册,只采购规定范围内的物品,保留采购单。 ·     Must achieve targeted number of memberships at the Health Club by suggestive selling and train  the team for the same.  必须透过建议销售及培训团体达到健身俱乐部会员的目标数量。 ·     Maintain and strive for high levels of guest satisfaction by maintaining and promoting good  Customer relations and developing guest focus in the recreation team.        通过与客人建立良好的关系,以客人为中心来争取客人最佳满意度。 ·     Critiques the P&L statement for the Health Club.  评判健身中心的损益情况。 ·     Establish and maintain departmental goals.  建立并维护部门目标。 ·     Plan and implement the day-to-day operations for the Health Club.   计划并实施健康中心的每日营运。 ·     Be responsible for insuring that all associates receive there stipulated training and are competent   in handling the job. Must train and motivate associates.        负责确保所有员工得到必要的培训,并能胜任工作,培训和激励员工。 ·     Be responsible for maintaining open and productive channels of communication within the   department and ensuring the smooth flow of information.        负责维持一个部门内开放有效的交流渠道,并确保信息的流畅。 ·     Be responsible for maintaining and ensuring the correct inventory of all assets of the department  and controlling costs.  负责维持部门的物资库存量并控制成本。 ·     Must review procedures and policies from time to time to ensure that systems are ever evolving  and suited to the needs of the guests.  必须时刻回顾程序和政策来保证系统的正常运转和适应客人需求。 ·     Maintain and update all manuals of operations of the department.  维护并更新部门运转手册。 ·     Ensure that all LSOP are adhered to and all associates are aware of the same.确保本地操作标准被有效遵守,员工有相关意识。                                                                                               ·     Audit and approve schedules, wage projections and payroll, and report all above to Health Club  Manger and get approval from Health Club Manager.  审核并批准工作安排,工资增减和劳资管理,并及时将以上情况报告给康乐部经理,并需 得到康乐部经理的批准。 ·     Ensure that all records and registers are maintained and kept up to date at all times.  确保所有登记和记录一直有效保存并及时更新。 ·     Be responsible for all PAF’s and their presentation to the HR department.   负责向人力资源部递交所有的人事动态表。 ·     Control overtime through proper scheduling and immediate response to problems.        合理安排加班,发现问题,及时处理。 ·     Hold daily briefings to update all associates on incentive programs, guest comments andSALT Score,   guest feedback and to recognize individuals and get feedback from associates.                      每天给员工开会来更新奖励计划, 客人意见和客人满意度调查,客人反馈,并对员工进行  认及得到员工反馈。 ·     Conduct monthly departmental meetings to promote communications and feedback. Meetingminutes need to be distributed.   每月开部门会议来提高交流和反馈。并分发会议记录。 ·     Oversee and ensure that the personal grooming standards of associates are maintained as perthe associate handbook。根据员工手册的标准监督员工的个人仪容仪表。 ·     Be responsible for maintaining and up keeping the standard of  hygiene  in  the  area.  Coordinatecleaning schedule with Housekeeping and take ownership in cleaning programs conducted byHealth Club.负责维持并提高区域卫生标准,和管家部协调卫生安排管理健身中心卫生。 ·     Enforce and encourage cost conservation methods and follow procedures for energyconservation.   鼓励并强调节约成本方法,遵守节约能源的程序。 ·     Carry out proper coaching and counseling with associates when violations have occurred.  当暴力事件发生时为员工提供合理的教导和咨询。      ·     Always be professional and ethical in dealing with guests, associates, vendors and other  departments。        与客人、员工和其它部门接触时保持专业公正的态度。 ·     Develop and implement programs designed to improve the efficiency of the operation and to  improve the service to our guests.        负责制定和实施提高部门运作效率和对客服务质量的策略。 ·     Coordinate maintenance of all public areas with Engineering and Housekeeping. 与管家部和工程部协调所有公共区域的维护。 ·     Do regular competitive checks and provide a report to Executive Housekeeper.定期对竞争对手进行调查并为行政管家提供报告。 ·     Set job descriptions and operation manuals for each position.   为每个职位提供工作描述和操作手册。 ·     Perform a Brand Standard Self Audit at least once per quarter.        每三个月至少进行一次品牌标准自我评估。  ·     Have a complete knowledge of the Health Club product including gymnasium equipment,   Steam,  sauna, swimming pool, membership pricing.        了解健身房的设施:包括健身器材、蒸气设备、桑拿设备、游泳池及会员价格。 ·     Be responsible for welcoming and making registration of guests, explaining the Health Club  facilities and assisting in the usage of the equipment  欢迎并给客人办理登记手续,解释健身中心设施并协助客人使用器械。 ·     Have thorough knowledge of hotel fire regulations and policy, accident reports, safety with  Being properly trained in these procedures.        了解酒店防火规范、事故报告、安全规范及其具体职责。负责员工的防火安全规范培训。 ·     Practice Hilton Service; set an example to be followed.        时刻奉行希尔顿服务精神,为其它员工树立良好的榜样。 ·     Lead by example: Provide a gracious and proactive hospitality towards all customers.        以身作则,为客人提供周到细致的服务. ·     Report to work on time with proper uniform, including nametag. Personal appearance mustcomply with the standard of the hotel.        按照到岗、制服穿戴干净整齐,佩带名牌。个人形象和仪容仪表必须符合酒店规定. ·     At all times strive to represent Hilton in the most professional, courteous manner.        时刻以最专业谦恭的形象代表希尔顿集团。 ·     Health Club Supervisor ensures Health Club guests adhere to all rules and regulations.        健身中心主管确保客人遵守健身中心的一切规定。 ·      Perform any other duties as assigned by the management.        完成运营上级主管交办的其他任务。Specific Skills, Knowledge and Abilities·         Demonstrated excellent Communication skill and counselling skill优秀的沟通及协调能力·         Knowledgeable of hotel Health Club is preferred具有酒店健身中心工作经验者优先·         Demonstrated strong interaction skill while serving customer优秀的客户沟通及互动能力·         Basic English, especially in oral English to communicate with customer smoothly.能用英语与客人进行流利沟通·         Fitness instructor certification健身教练资格认证·         First aid certification急救资格认证  Required Qualifications·         University graduate, or equivalent experience大学本科或同等学历·         at least 2 year professional experience beyond the degree至少两年相关专业经验·         hotel working experience in similar five star international chain hotel同等星级酒店工作经验

薪资: 3千-4千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-温州 食宿:提供食宿


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