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薪资: 1万-2.5万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:广东-佛山 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 1.5万-2万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国 食宿:提供食宿

----------------------------------------------------------职位描述Job Description确保严格执行相关会计,财务和信息系统规定及程序;高效并有效的执行日常监控系统,行政管理,报告体系,以及确保各部门职员技能达标;分析财务状况,为其它部门领导提供财务数据支持,以帮助其制订相应方案及监管措施,以此提升酒店业绩。To ensure effective implementation of all Accounting& Finance and Information Systems Policies & Procedures,To implement an effective and efficient day to daycontrol system, administration, reporting system and transfer of skills in allrelated areas.To interpret financial results and work withrespective heads of departments to maximize Operating results, providing themwith tools for future planning and control._______________________________________________________________任职要求Job Requirements具有丰富的酒店财务管理、营运分析、成本控制的经验和技巧;工作细致、严谨,具有较强的工作热情和责任感;良好的中英文写作、口语、阅读能力;Strong budgetary and cost control skills. Strong integrity, team player and people orientedmanagementWorks effectively across the complex organizationand with external partiesGood communication skill in Mandarin and English._______________________________________________________________任职资格Qualifications35-50岁,会计、财务或相关专业大学本科以上学历,持有国家注册会计师证书者优先;Age range from 35-50 years old with Accountingdegree or Certified Public Accountant preferred._______________________________________________________________相关经验Experience10年以上4星或5星级酒店财务工作经验;具有2年以上国际品牌酒店相关工作经验;2年以上国际品牌四、五星级酒店财务总监/财务副总监经验;具有新酒店筹备开业经验者优先。Minimum 10 years financial working experience withthe 4/5 stars international hotel; Minimum 2 years as a hotel Financial Controller in4-5 stars international hotel.Hotel Pre-opening experience will be advantages.

薪资: 2万-3万 经验:8年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国 食宿:面议

JOB SUMMARY Functions as the property’s strategic financial business leader.  The position champions, develops and implements property-wide strategies that deliver products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the brand’s target customer and property employees.  The position provides the financial expertise to enable the successful implementation of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives while maximizing the return on investment.  In addition, creates and executes a business plan that is aligned with the property and brand’s business strategy and focuses on the execution of financial activities and the delivery of desirable financial results. CANDIDATE PROFILE  Education and Experience4-year bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting or related major; 3 years experience in the finance and accounting or related professional area.ORMaster's degree in Finance and Accounting or related major; 1 year experience in the finance and accounting or related professional area. CORE WORK ACTIVITIES Engaging in Strategic Planning and Decision MakingDevelops means to improve profit, including estimating cost and benefit, exploring new business opportunities, etc.Analyzes information, forecasts sales against expenses and creates annual budget plans.Compiles information, analyzes and monitors actual sales against projected sales.Analyzes differences between actual budget wages and forecasted wages for more efficient budget planning.Identifies the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts.Thinks creatively and practically to develop, execute and implement new business plansCreates the annual operating budget for the property.Provides analytical support during budget reviews to identify cost saving and productivity opportunities for property managers.Implements a system of appropriate controls to manage business risks.Ensures a strong accounting and operational control environment to safeguard assets, improve operations and profitability.Analyzes financial data and market trends.Leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive annual business plan which is aligned with the company’s and brand’s strategic direction.Provides on going analytical support by monitoring the operating department’s actual and projected sales.Produces accurate forecasts that enable operations to react to changes in the business. Leading Finance TeamsUtilizes interpersonal and communication skills to lead, influence, and encourage others; advocates sound financial/business decision making; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example.Communicates the strategic goals, the focus and the owner priorities to subordinates in a clear and precise manner.Leverages strong functional leadership and communication skills to influence the executive team, the property's strategies and to lead own team.Oversees internal, external and regulatory audit processes.Provides excellent leadership by assigning team members and other departments managers' clear accountability backed by appropriate authority.Conducts annual performance appraisals with direct reports according to standard operating procedures. Anticipating and Delivering on the Needs of Key StakeholdersAttends meetings and communicating with the owners, understanding the priorities and strategic focus.Understands and meets the needs of key stakeholders (owners, corporate, guests, etc.).Advises the GM and executive committee on existing and evolving operating/financial issues.Communicates financial concepts in a clear and persuasive manner that is easy to understand and drives desired behaviors.Demonstrates an understanding of cash flow and owner priorities.Manages communication with owners in an effective manner.Manages property working capital and cash flow in accordance with brand standard operating procedures and owner requirements.Facilitates critique meetings to review information with management team. Developing and Maintaining Finance GoalsEnsures Profits and Losses are documented accurately.Monitors all taxes that apply, ensuring that taxes are current, collected and/or accrued.Submits reports in a timely manner, ensuring delivery deadlines.Develops and supports achievement of performance goals, budget goals, team goals, etc.Improves profit growth in operating departments.Reviews audit issues to ensure accuracy.Monitor the purchasing process as applicable. Managing Projects and PoliciesGenerates and provides accurate and timely results in the form of reports, presentations, etc.Reconciles balance sheet to ensure account balances are supported by appropriate documentation in accordance with standard operating procedures.Ensures that the P&L is accurate (e.g., costs are properly matched to revenue, costs are recorded in the proper accounts).Ensures compliance with management contract and reporting requirements.Ensures compliance with standard and local operating procedures.Ensures compliance with standard operating procedures. Managing and Conducting Human Resource ActivitiesEnsures team members are cross-trained to support successful daily operations.Ensures property policies are administered fairly and consistently.Ensures new hires participate in the department’s orientation program.Ensures new hires receive the appropriate new hire training to successfully perform their job.Creates appropriate development plans which develop team members based on their individual strengths, development needs, career aspirations and abilities.Conduct performance review process for employees.Participates in hiring activities as appropriate.

薪资: 1万-1.5万 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级


薪资: 1万-1.5万 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级


薪资: 面议 经验:3年以上 企业类型:有限服务中档酒店
地区:全国 食宿:面议


薪资: 1万-1.5万 经验:8年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国 食宿:提供食宿

工作地点根据项目情况确定,须同意异地工作 岗位职责1.督促酒店建立健全的会计核算制度,检查会计制度的执行情况,对会计核算工作的质量进行监督。2.督促酒店建立健全财务管理制度,完善财务监督机制,检查酒店执行国家财经法律、法规、制度及遵守财经纪律情况,对财务活动的合法性进行监督。3.审核酒店拟订的年度财务预、决算方案,资金使用和调度计划,筹资、融资和投资计划,利润分配或弥补亏损方案。4.对酒店产权转变、资产核销、资产重组、对外投资、债务担保、资产抵押等重大财务活动的决策程序和实施执行情况进行监督。5.审核酒店财务报告,评价和报告其经营管理业绩。与酒店总经理一起,共同对财务报表和报告的质量负责。6.与酒店总经理联合审批规定限额范围内的公司经营性、融资性、投资性(对外、对外)支出;对酒店授权范围内的贷款担保事项负责。岗位要求1.财务管理、会计、金融相关专业、大专及以上学历;2.具有5年以上财务负责人工作经验,熟悉酒店财务管理模式;3.通晓财务、会计、金融、税务知识、掌握法律相关知识,具备熟练的计算机应用知识。4.熟练运用会计电算化,熟练使用财务软件。5.具有一定的外部关系协调和统筹管理能力。6.良好的团队领导力、协作能力,优秀的沟通、分析能力,对企业忠诚度高。

薪资: 面议 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国 食宿:提供食宿

 工作职责1、财务总监是酒店经营班子成员,参与酒店最高领导层的决策,对酒店的经营方案的决策有分析与建议的义务。 2、负责建立科学、系统符合企业实际情况的财务核算体系和财务监控体系,进行有效的内部控制。 3、保证财务报表及时、准确、清晰;签署酒店月末各种外部报表、内部报表,及时报送上级公司和税务等相关部门。 4、开展酒店的经营活动分析,为总经理提供决策依据。 5、负责组织编制酒店的各种财务预算并对预算执行情况进行监督。 6、监督资金管理、成本管理、利润管理和财产管理。 7、控制成本费用,控制资本性支出,控制酒店现金收支、保证酒店资金安全、财产安全。 8、负责酒店各种合同、协议的审批。 9、负责与税务、工商、金融、保险等外部相关管理及业务部门的联系与沟通,保证酒店经营活动的正常运转,并组织进行税务合理筹划工作。 10、负责定期向总经理、上级公司汇报酒店经营管理财务状况;不定期的对重大事项进行专项汇报工作。任职资格1.财务管理、会计、金融相关专业、大专及以上学历; 2.具有五年以上财务负责人工作经验,三年以上五星级及以上财务岗位工作经验,熟悉酒店财务管理模式; 3.通晓财务、会计、金融、税务知识、掌握法律相关知识,具备基本计算机应用知识。 4.熟练运用会计电算化,熟练使用ERP财务软件。 5.具有一定的外部关系协调和统筹管理能力。 6.良好的团队领导力、协作能力,优秀的沟通、分析能力,对企业忠诚度高。

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