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    发布于 03-03
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    Reporting line : Based in APAC village/resort, and able to move to other resort for specific mission and for opening and closing of seasonal village if applicable -under the responsibility of the Chief of Village/General Manager,  with functional report to Hygiene and Food Safety Manager APAC Purpose : §  Ensure hygiene and food Safety of the village in a complex environment.§  Provide internal expertise to any problem related to hygiene and food safety§  Accompany the team for the control of hygiene and food safety.Responsibilities : §  Implement the hygiene and food safety policy and monitor it, according to standards and regulations in force (Support of the country legal service for the regulation and local standards).§  Train and raise awareness amongst the team.§  Accompany and follow the laboratories controls in the village.§  Accompany and follow the health local authorities ( ex : FDA, CDC, sanitary office, health department, public health center…etc…).§  Improve continuously the hygiene level of the village.§  Prevent the risks to the community and individuals.§  Be involved in the management of a health crisis in the village. Improve continuously hygiene and food safety in the village. Depending on the needs: §  Propose material purchases.§  Propose equipment or structural modifications.§  Create / modify the procedures.§  Propose the purchase, substitution or removal of food, drinks or cleaning products.§  Be a technical support in general for Hygiene, Health and Safety matters when needed Train : §  In connection with the other actors for training (UDT, VTM, FTG, external corporate audit company etc.), raise awareness and train the team on food safety and hygiene apply in hotel departments.§  Create a training plan in collaboration with the team in place.§  Record the training performed.§  Control the acquisition of knowledge. Accompany and follow the laboratories audit in the villages: §  Accompany the auditor during the visit and report any non-compliance.§  Identify and propose food samples and swabs to be taken.§  Following the audit report, make an action plan defining the proper corrective actions and responsibilities. Risks Prevention to the community and individuals: §  Investigate and inform of the potential food risks to the health of the customers and employees in an anticipatory perspective (e.g. risks related to raw materials used, environment, staff ...).§  Follow closely with the nurse the diarrhea statistics of the village and be informed of reported cases of food-born illness and / or transmissible through food.§  Monitor and check the implementation of medical monitoring and health certificate of employees in the village in collaboration with the HR manager. Objectives and evaluation criteria §  Prevent the cases of gastroenteritis in the village, linked with hygiene and food safety§  Ensure the compliance of the laboratory analysis results achieved on food and water§  Decrease the non-conformities observed during external audits on Food, Aqua and Guest rooms. And reach the high level of satisfaction required.§  Guarantee of a high level of hygiene and food safety standard requirement   The know-how : §  Background (food engineer degree, veterinary, Master, etc…) and/or the required experience for the job.§  Good knowledge about regulations, hygiene and food safety standards (e.g. local regulations, ISO 22000 and 22001-FDA regulation). Diploma or certificate related to food safety.§  Good knowledge about the good practices in the hotel/tourism industry. Languages: §  English (both speaking and Writing)§  Speaking local language is plus. For China villages/resorts Mandarin is mandatory. Required qualifications for the job: §  Adaptability.§  Precision.§  Organization.§  Confidentiality.§  Autonomy.§  Interpersonal skill. 
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