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薪资: 面议 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:宁夏-银川 食宿:提供食宿

To be present at the pool area at all times. Not to leave the pool unattended at any time during operating hours.确保游泳池区域始终有救生员在场,在营业时间决不能出现现场无人值班的现象。工作时间内不能做与工作无关的任何事宜,如有特殊情况需要顶岗,需经过救生培训的员工方可。顶岗的员工承担与救生员同样的工作职责。Adhere to the specified hygiene and personal appearance standards of the Hotel.坚持按照酒店标准来整理个人卫生和仪容仪表。Ensure as the highest priority the safety and security of our guests and members. To be attentive to all actions of the guests in the areas of responsibility and ensure the rules and regulations of the area are followed.确保我们客人和会员的安全是最重要的,负责注意客人在泳池区域内的行为,以确保符合我们的规章制度。Ensure the Emergency and Rescue Procedures are followed in the case of guest accidents or swimming difficulties.确保能对意外事件伤害和紧急事件的救助,或对游泳困难者给予帮助。Guide the activities of guests in a favourable and efficient manner.以良好的态度,文明的行为及时有效的方式对客人的行为予以指导和纠正。Ensure any noticeable variation with regards to the chemical control or clarity of the pool water is reported immediately to the Director of SPA and the Engineering Department.确保时刻注意并记录所要求的化学药品的变化或游泳池水质的清晰度,如有变化立即响水疗中心总监和工程部报告。Do general clean for the central area of the pool.(Ensure that there is without any dirt and water on the floor;Be responsible for cleaning the disinfection pool which should contain the bottom as well as the surrounding floor of the pool.)负责泳池中心区域的整体清洁。(随时确保泳池地面无积水、污渍,下班前负责清理浸脚池,用水龟清洁池底及池边的清洁工作。)To be able to identify return guest and VIPs.要能够识别回头客和VIP客人。Never say "No".  Always find a way to exceed the guest's needs.从不说“不”,总要找到使客人满意的方法。Observe and highlight service areas which can be improved to maximize guest value for money.注意观察服务区域,改进一切不足的地方,尽可能让客人感到物有所值。Required to assist in all areas within the Pool when called upon. 在泳池范围内,有任何需要立刻给予帮助。Be aware of the latest technology of the Hotel and willing to learn.要熟知酒店最新的服务技能并乐意不断学习.Always be updated on the safety and security of the Pool by attending training.通过参加安全培训来确保泳池的整体安全。Never compromise safety.从不违反安全章程。Ensures the highest level of safety and security to all internal and external customers.确保内部和外部人员的高度安全。To ensure the Pool Counter is manned at all times and provide the guest with pool towels for use in the pool areas.确保游泳池柜台始终有人操作,以便为客人提供毛巾.Participate actively in company-initiated employee activities.积极的参与酒店组织的员工活动。Cooperate and coordinate with colleagues whenever necessary.随时都有必要同其他同僚进行合作和协调。Adhere to set procedures for attendance and timekeeping.坚持按照酒店程序打卡出勤。Adhere to the followed standards of the Employee Handbook as Rules and Regulations for yourself.按照酒店员工手册及部门规章制度作为自己的行为准则。

薪资: 2万-4万 经验:8年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:海南-陵水 食宿:提供食宿

KEY ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES主要的任务和责任-Ensure that the Outlets Operational budget is in line and costs are strictly controlled to maximum profitability. 确保各分部门运营预算是符合的,严格地控制成本最大化提高利润率。-Identify market needs and trends in terms of food menus for both hotel guests and the local market. Design standard recipes in order to ensure consistent quality in food production, thereby satisfying guest needs and expectations依据市场需求和趋势为酒店顾客和当地市场制定食品菜单,设计标准配方以便确保在食品生产中保持始终如一的质量,而满足顾客的需求和期望。-Ensures that all safety rules, emergency procedures and fire prevention are strictly enforced确保严格地执行所有的安全规章及紧急事件程序。-Plan and organize all training activities within the dept.  Determine the necessary competence for colleagues and provide training or other actions to satisfy these needs.在部门内部计划和组织所有的培训,为同事确定必要权限和提供培训或者其他活动满足这些需要。 QUALIFICATIONS任职资格-Solid Culinary Knowledge. 具有扎实的烹饪知识。-Good communicator with fluency in English. Ability to communicate in a Mandarin, where the hotel operates is desirable. 流利地使用英语进行沟通。能够使用普通话交流更佳。-Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills. 优秀的领导力,人际交流及沟通能力。-Good understanding of budgeting, forecasting, expenses and payroll control.对预算,预测,费用和工资控制有良好的理解。-Minimum 8 years of experience in managing culinary operations in a luxury hotel gained from working in key cities / resorts destinations globally.至少8年全球主要城市和度假村奢华酒店厨房运作。 

薪资: 5千-8千 经验:不限 企业类型:景区
地区:海南-陵水 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 4千-5千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:景区
地区:海南-陵水 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责:1. 落实安全三级责任制的要求,维护保养维生系统设施;2. 根据部门岗位责任及各项工作操作流程、营运手册,做好安全生产;3. 完成上级领导交办的其他任务。任职资格:1. 熟悉海洋生物生存环境要求;熟悉水处理流程;对水化学知识熟悉;熟悉一般机电设备保养维护流程;2. 有独立工作能力;有利用自己专业知识发现问题、解决问题的能力。

薪资: 4千-5千 经验:不限 企业类型:景区
地区:海南-陵水 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责: 1、认真执行部门领导的指示,并将指示形成文件记录; 2、制定资产管理要求,定期检查盘点;3、负责部门各类OA流程的发起。 4、负责部门所有员工考勤管理工作。 5、负责部门会议纪要的撰写、文件资料的管理等任职要求: 1、具有2年以上文员及人事部岗位经验。 2、懂得办公软件知识。 3、精力充沛,能连续工作,头脑清醒,办事敏捷,具有语言组织能力,善表达。 4、良好的人机关系,熟悉相关法律法规。 5、为人正直,办事客观公正,有亲和力、责任心,具备良好的人际交往能力,以及解决复杂问题的能力,抗压力和适应力强。

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