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薪资: 4.5千-8千 经验:1年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-温州 食宿:提供食宿

JOB SCOPE: 工作范围· The incumbent in the position is responsible for the smooth departmental operation and development, promote and sell banquet facilities, meet and exceed department and hotel budget.   负责宴会销售部的正常运作和部门发展销售宴会设备设施完成部门及酒店的预算。            1. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 主要职责· Implement direction from Sales and Marketing Director, sells to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business.按市场销售总监的指示向新的、现有的、有可能的客户进行销售并与其谈判商定最适合的价格以争取最大的利润。· Participates in sales activities by identifying potential customers whether from existing or new accounts, selling through telesales or sales calls and participating in hotel sales blitz to develop new business and follows up.    参与销售活动确定来自现有客户和新客户的潜在宾客通过电话和销售拜访参与酒店销售宣传活动发展新业务及跟进。 2. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – (Key Activities of the role)本职工作(职务的主要工作)· Recruit new staff and conduct training concerned, manage the performance of catering sales staff to ensure they meet their individual targets.招聘员工并对其进行相关的培训监督员工的工作表现以期达到并完成所定任务· Maintain good relationship with clients, plan and manage sales calls according to Account Management procedures adhering with hotel standards on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis.   与客户保持密切的联系依据客户管理程序及酒店的标准计划并定期拜访客户。· Handles all banquet inquiries and leads from potential clients which involves meeting, site inspection, menu tasting, negotiation and contract writing, attending promotional functions organized by the hotel and following up until business is secured before handing over to coordinators for follow-up.处理所有客户有关宴会的咨询及要求包括会议、参观酒店、试餐、谈判和签约、参加酒店组织的促销活动并跟进直到确定生意。· Organizes VIP’s arrival, welcomes and provides them with assistance during their function according to the hotel standards and in order to meet guest satisfaction.  根据酒店的标准欢迎、接待VIP客户并在客户活动期间为其提供协助。· Check all arrangements of function prior to starting and introduce operational staff to organizers.在宴会开始前检查所有的安排并向会议组织者介绍相关服务人员· Plans, coordinates and supervises with the help of various departments the execution of all banquet functions to ensure clients’ specific requirements are adhered to and that the function runs smoothly and efficiently.在各部门的帮助下安排、协调、监督所有宴会活动确保客户的特定要求得以满足确保宴会顺利、高效进行。· Reviews monthly results and forecast, recommends and executes activities required to ensure hotel gets leading share of the market, identifying potential new customers, embarking on sales calls to new accounts.每月回顾销售业绩和预计建议并采取行动确保酒店占有市场主导份额。确认潜在客户拜访新客户。· Entertains supporting and prospective clients in order to maintain or develop a long lasting and growing business relationship为了增加客户关系和生意机会宴请一贯支持和潜在客户· Keeps two-way communications between clients and hotel, ensuring clients are kept updated with latest development in hotel, and senior management are kept updated on changes in companies, market events, market trends, customers feedback on hotel and competitor activities.保持客户和酒店之间的双向交流确保客户得到酒店最近更新资料酒店高级管理层获得各公司、市场现状及趋向、顾客对酒店的信息反馈和竞争对手活动的最新资料。· Maintains updated records and call results, potentials, competitive information, past banquet history, etc.保持相关资料的最新记录如销售拜访结果、潜在客源、竞争者的信息、过去宴会的历史资料等。· Cooperate with all departments concerned to ensure that clients’ requirements are accurately communicated and satisfied.与酒店相关部门协调以保证客人满意及有效的沟通· Monitors the efficiency of the sales staff concerning the development of the new accounts, accurate tracing of accounts, and proper handling of sales procedure.   监控销售人员在新客户开发、跟进的效率和销售程序的合理执行· Analysis the market trend, competitors activities and reacts accordingly  分析市场及竞争对手动向并制订应对方案· To maximize the hotel’s market share.   扩大市场占有率份额。· Prepare forecast for next week’s business; to be completed and given to Sales & Marketing Director and Food & Beverage Director.准备下周的生意预测并交市场销售总监及餐饮总监· Monitors and records promoting and selling activities for Food and Beverage, outlets and banquet.监控及记录宴会及餐饮的促销及销售活动· Establishes and maintain a record/file system of department operations   建立部门日常运作系统· Create a sound working relationship with all staff and develop their maximum potential.与员工保持坦诚关系并激发他们的最大潜力· Coordinate any activity with overlaps or concerns other department with their respective dept heads.   与有关部门及部门主管通力合作· Maintain effective control of sales expenses   有效控制销售费用· Accomplishes a set of administrative duties such as attending meeting, handing correspondence related to designated accounts, writing monthly sales activities and productivity reports and other duties related to the job function.完成一系列行政职责如参加会议、处理客户信函、每月撰写销售活动情况和销售量报告、及其他职责。 3. KEY COMPETENCIES主要能力 MANAGEMENT / LEADERSHIP 管理能力· Building teamwork    团队建设· Developing others    发展员工· Plan & organization skills   组织能力· Problem solving & Decision making  决策解决 RELATIONSHIP 人际关系· Customer service orientation      宾客服务导向· Relationship building      人际关系建立的能力· Team work/.Cooperation      团队合作· Interpersonal skills       人际关系 COMUNICATION 沟通能力· Oral and Listening skills     良好的口语表达和聆听能力· Writing skills: Ability to write contract    写作技能: 能制定合同 TECHNICAL COMPETENCIE 专业技能· Negotiation & Selling skills    良好的谈判及销售技巧· Knowledge of current market trends, forecasting skills  了解并预测市场动向· Knowledge of hotel operations and Catering Sales operation  熟知酒店及宴会销售的运作知识· Supervisory skill     管理技能· Knowledge of local market and business related information  熟悉当地市场及相关的市场旅游及商务知识· Knowledge of hotel products, banquet facilities and services  酒店产品及宴会设施、服务等相关知识 INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERISTICS 个人特质· Integrity & Enthusiastic    正直热情· Friendly, outgoing and caring personality   友好、外向和体贴的个性· Positive attitude     态度积极· Patient & friendly      耐心友善· Self control     自制能力 OTHER SKILLS其他技能· Fluency in local language     熟悉当地语言· Fluency in English written & spoken  英语书写和口语流利· Fluency in a third language preferable   最好懂第三门语言· Proficiency in Microsoft Office software: Word and Excel  熟练运用微软办公软件如Word和Excel  farea>8ot>Bt文中宋;mso-bidi-font-family:'Times New Roman'; font-size:12px;" >· Recognize the need for new and modified approaches which will benefit the business识别有利生意的需要 Customer Focus顾客关注· Build and maintain positive relationships with all customers and guests in order to exceed their needs与酒店内外宾客建立并保持良好关系以满足其需求· Take action to address these needs in order to exceed their expectations通过满足客人需求以达到其期望值· Create a positive hotel image in every interaction with internal and external customers与酒店内外的客户交流以创造积极的酒店形象· Champion hotel brand standards拥护酒店品牌标准· Ensure your direct reports have current guest focused standards and procedures which are used effectively for training purposes确保下属熟知并运用客户导向的流程 Understanding People了解员工· Demonstrate an insight into the behavior and interests of individuals and use this knowledge to motivate people观察员工的行为表现激励整个团队· Understand human behavioral trends in the marketplace and use this to take initiatives熟知人力资源市场的趋向 Working within Organizations紧密联系组织· Regularly read to understand the relationships within the business and other organizations such as customers and suppliers and use this knowledge to predict situations and influence outcomes与行业和其他相关组织保持良好关系获取预见性资料· Demonstrate a flexible and mature management style and adapt your actions to influence others to achieve results灵活和成熟的管理以达到成效 Impact and Influence影响力· Promote your ideas persuasively, and shape the opinion of subordinates and overcome resistance有力倡导观点并劝说下属接受意见并能克复其间的阻力· Build consensus for action and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions to problems建立讨论相互协商机制解决问题 Leading to Win迈向成功· Inspire your teams to achieve and exceed the overall business objectives鼓励推动整个团队迈向成功· Communicate a compelling vision and crate enthusiasm and commitment沟通酒店目标积极的承担义务· Motivate a broad range of people through changing circumstances在变革的环境中激励队伍 Building Capacity 积累才能· Recognize and develop the potential of yourself and your direct reports自我和直接下属的认同和发展· Use strengths of others to build organization capability for the future and recognize the advantage diversity brings发挥优势建立组织的未来地位 Cultural Awareness文化认知· Understand and consider the global nature of the business理解和考虑行业整体特质· Work effectively with colleagues from different viewpoints, cultures and countries与不同背景文化和国家的同事有效工作。 

薪资: 5千-1万 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-温州 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 4.3千-6千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-温州 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-温州 食宿:提供食宿


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