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薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-徐州 食宿:提供食宿

Do you see yourself as a Bellman?您认为自己是优秀的礼宾员吗?What's your passion? Whether you're into tennis, shopping or karaoke, at IHG we're interested in YOU. At IHG we employ people who apply the same amount of care and passion to their jobs as they do their hobbies - people who put our guests at the heart of everything they do. And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly and professional team.您的激情是什么?无论您的爱好是网球、购物或是卡拉OK,在洲际酒店集团,我们都对您非常欢迎。洲际酒店集团希望招募到那些把同样的关注和激情如同付诸于他们的爱好那样投入到工作中的人 - 那些用心对待客人每件事情的员工。目前我们在招募更多这样的员工加入我们充满动力与活力的团队。? Responsible for receiving and ensuring correct delivery of guest’s luggage to and from rooms, airport and cars and assists all guests with inquiries and requests. ?The Bellman performs various errands related to guest’s needs, comfort and satisfaction.负责将客人的行李顺利送往或送离房间、机场和汽车,并对客人的问询和申请提供协助。 应接服务员需要从事各种各样的杂务,以满足客人的需要,保证其舒适和满意。Required Skills –技能要求?? Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。? Able to read and write English能够读写英语Qualifications –学历? High School or Vocational Certificate ?in Hotel Administration, Hotel Management or equivalent具有高中或酒店行政管理,酒店管理或相关的专业证书。Experience –经验?? 6 months experience in guest service or customer service, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. ?拥有6个月宾客服务部工作经验,或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景。PACKAGE 薪资福利In return we'll give you a competitive financial and benefits package.Hotel discounts worldwide are available as well as access to a wide variety of discount schemes and the chance to work with a great team of people. Most importantly, we'll give you the room to be yourself.作为回报,我们将为您提供优厚的待遇以及与一支出色团队共事的机会。最重要的是,我们将为您提供尽炫自我的空间。So what's your passion? Please get in touch and tell us how you could bring your individual skills to IHG.那么,什么是您的激情?请联系我们并将告诉我们,您将如何把自己的个人技能带入洲际酒店集团。

薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-徐州 食宿:面议


薪资: 面议 经验:不限 企业类型:其他
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿

【岗位职责】1. 协助客人到达和离开(入住和退房)的相应手续办理2. 电话转接3. 管理现金流动4. 促进销售(入住、餐饮、床位&早餐)5. 组织和参与为说中文的客人举行各种活动6. 翻译文件和通知7. 现场翻译(村内说明会、秀或其它活动的推介…)【岗位要求】1. 愿意每周工作6天2. 持有旅游相关专业文凭者优先3. 须具有工作经验4. 相关软件应用5. 需掌握英语和普通话,掌握其它外语者更佳(法语、日语等)6. 该岗位需每周工作6天【G.O福利】:双人住宿;一日三餐国际自助餐厅;吧台饮料畅饮;度假村内所有娱乐活动及场地设施免费使用;机场接送服务;工作满一年往返度假村和住址机票;完善的工作意外伤害保险及社会保险;国际化G.O团队;拥有登台演出的机会;每年轮换海外及大中华区度假村工作机会;Club Med海外度假村免费房间;快速晋升通道。

薪资: 2.6千-3.2千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:江苏-徐州 食宿:提供食宿

遇到客人的投诉或问题,如果不能马上找到解决办法,则汇报给领班/副理。Reports complaints or problems to Team Leader/ Assistant Manager if no immediate solution can be found.保证具有营销员的态度,并抓住酒店内的一切销售机会。Ensures a sales attitude is adopted at all times and maintains an awareness of all sales opportunities within the Hotel.根据部门运营手册的标准处理所有抵、离店记录。Handles all arrival and departure records according to the Standards set in the Departmental Operations Manual.遵守预先设立的可用房安排及房价控制。Adheres to pre-set availability and rate controls.确保对酒店产品和当地情况的高度了解。Ensures a high level of product knowledge of hotel and local area.按照前厅部的程序维护并最新客人历史记录及市场数据库。Maintains and updates guest history and marketing database as laid down in Front office procedures.确保维持高水平的对客服务。Ensures a high level of customer service is consistently maintained.确保前厅部与其它部门的高度配合。Ensures a high level of liaison is maintained between Front Office and all other departments within the Hotel. 确保将任何来自客人或其它部门的反馈及时并准确地汇报给前厅部经理及大堂副理。Ensures the Front Office Manager or Duty Manager is kept fully aware of any relevant feedback from wither customers or other departments.确保高度了解酒店产品知识,以便在机会出现时,宣传/销售客房、餐厅及其它设施/活动。To be knowledgeable and promotes/ upsells Rooms, Outlets and other facilities/ programmes whenever opportunities arises.遵守酒店关于前厅部的所有制度。Complies with all hotel policies relating to Front Office.遵守前厅部经理制定的所有系统和程序。Complies with all systems and procedures as laid down by the Front Office Manager. 及时处理所有收到及发出的邮件、传真、速递物品及留言。Handles incoming and outgoing mail, faxes, courier mail, and messages in a timely manner.Responsible for registration and issuing of safety boxes.全面了解酒店提供的所有服务。Has a thorough understanding of all the services offered by the Hotel.阅读与前厅部有关的所有通知。Reads all memos concerning Front Office.当班时确保备用金中有足够基金和零钞。Ensures the general float contains sufficient change and funds while on duty.确保在下班时准确及整洁的执行关闭程序,并点清所有账目。Ensures the correct closing procedures are carried out in an accurate and tidy manner and that all accounts balance before closing.确保在下班时备用金没有差错。Ensures that the float is balanced before finishing the shift.当班时确保酒店所有基金和财产的安全。Ensures security of all hotel funds and properties at times whilst on duty.完全了解酒店电脑系统的收银功能。Has a thorough understanding of all cashiering functions in the Hotel’s computer system.

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