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薪资: 1万-1.3万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿

•The ability to forecast necessary staffing and its related dollar expenditure to get the job done.•In charge the operation of the Bar.•To establish and follow up on standard, sequence of service and service procedure.•To supervise the consistency of quality and efficiency of food and service.•To ensure cleanliness of service area and guest hallways by establishing and enforcing clean-up schedules.•To coordinate and execute functions assigned by management.•To establish an effective and efficient method for setting orders properly.•To train order taker on order taking, menu knowledge, proper selling and techniques.•To maintain a friendly yet unobtrusive manner with all guests.•To possess management ability that ensures a successful handling of the dining room.•To control reservations and seating of the restaurant with regards to service standards.•To ensure correct and consistent service techniques for various meal periods will be demonstrated by all employee members.•To observe daily conditions of all physical facilities and equipment in the restaurant; makes recommendations for corrections and improvements as needed.•To communicate with the Chef and Food and Beverage Manager to discuss menus, marketing strategies and guest comments and concerns.•To promote team work and foster a harmonious working climate.•To promote good public relation and handle complaints or concerns of guests.•To recognize and address potential intoxicated, disruptive or undesirable guests.•To promote cleanliness environment in all working area.•The ability to continually be aware of departmental needs as they relate to production and staffing.•The ability to forecast workloads and checks work schedules prepared by subordinate managers for all restaurant, lounge and bar employees.•The ability to assist Food and Beverage Manager in developing job descriptions and reviewing them periodically to ensure their continuing understanding and acceptance.•The ability to conduct the initial and continual training of all new and current food and beverage service employees.•The ability to control standards, performance, employees' conduct, dress code, appearance, sanitation, etc., according to established policies.•The ability to formulate and recommend changes to improve employees' performance and teamwork.•The ability to complete and review employee’s performance.•The ability to keep employees informed about resort policies and changes. Develops analyses and implements merchandising that meet the profile of Aman Resort and guest patronage. •Manages and controls overall expenses of the outlets focusing on higher revenue and profit.•Work arrangements are not limited to your own post.

薪资: 9千-1万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责1.根据预测、宴会预定、团体餐安排及重要宾客的人数来安排工作。2.做好销售,宾客投诉、解决办法及相关员工、设备的记录。3.给领导提出建议,提高工作效率,促进销售,并达到增源节支的目的。4.建立收银调节控制程序,在服务前后,要按此程序来工作。5.参与菜单、酒水单的制定及定价。 岗位要求1.大专及以上学历;至少熟练掌握一门外语。2.5年以上四星级酒店同等工作经验;精通西餐、酒吧的业务知识,熟练掌握本部门的技能技巧。3.具有较强的社会活动能力、组织领导工作能力和实际工作能力。4.具有食品原材料加工、西餐成本核算方面的知识。掌握各种产品配方、各种食品原材料出料率标准,控制产品质量和成本消耗。5.西餐食品原料学、烹调学、食品营养卫生和西餐管理等方面的专业知识。

薪资: 8千-1.1万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:其他

Assistant Manager西餐厅副经理职位描述:Develop reservation standards and policies.努力奋斗达到餐厅和既定目标,并注重市场战略的研究Develop a seating strategy负责并达到公司的营业目标Supervise hostesses负责餐厅的日常工作,并确保我们的优质服务始终如一Being a Mentor for the staff under your control.总是作为一个督导,管理你的属下.Promote good business relations between the Jean-Georges Brigade and all other departments in Three on the Bund, to lead a team of well-trained and motivated staff.促进同部门和公司其他部门间建立起一个良好的关系,使我们成为一个专业和积极向上的集体。Guide staff developments, support staff’s decision and justify profile of work.引导员工的发展,支持员工的想法和决定。Encourage teamwork through participating in organizing activities for the staff.时刻在各方面工作中积极的激励团队精神。Achieve staff satisfaction goals.达到员工满意的目标。Keep communication channel(s) with the Kitchen team open to enable special requests to be met.与厨师及所有的员工保持良好的沟通,视他们为一家人。Solicit feedback from guests at the time of their departure.征求客人的反馈意见。Log a manager’s report on daily service issues.请将每天服务中的问题记录在经理的报告中。To assist and train staff both as part of the departmental induction process and as an on-going program to achieve desired service standards.无论何时都视每一位员工为我们团队的一员,给予他们培训及帮助,从而使他们给予客人极具创意与前瞻性的至尊服务。To make sure that rules and guidelines of the company are adhered to.坚持维护公司的规章制度。 职位要求:至少5年以上高端餐饮工作经验At least 5-year-experience in high-end F&B industry良好的团队合作精神,能够在压力下工作Good team player and able to work under pressure认真自信,积极主动,以客户为导向Serious, Confident,Takes Initiative,Customer-oriented良好的中英文表达能力Good expression skills in both English and Mandarin  

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海-浦东新区 食宿:提供食宿

 Job Description 岗位描述You will be responsible to provide an excellent and consistent level of service to your customers. Assistant  Arte Cafe & Lounge Manager is responsible to assist the outlet Management and manage the outlet day to day operation in accordance to Jumeirah Standards. To understand the company’s brand promise well and be able to deliver the result aligns with Jumeirah’s image. Qualification 资质要求- Manage and supervise the outlet in accordance with Jumeirah Standards and culture at all times- Constant floor presence interacts, establish and maintain personal contacts with guests- Minimum of 3 years management experience in a high volume Food& Beverage role

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿

Job Description:- Overall responsible for the administration and operations of the sections appointed in the F&B division.- To maximize profits, maintain food / beverage / service quality and ensure customer satisfaction. We are looking for someone who:- Has a can-do attitude- Guest relations to host International tourist, communicates and writes with fluency in English (as well as the local language)- Has relevant experience in a similar capacity previously- Has strong interpersonal and communication skills

薪资: 5千-7千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 6千-8千 经验:不限 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:上海-浦东新区 食宿:提供食宿

Manage all aspects of one or more full-service food and beverage outlet(s) on a daily basis and coordinate special events.  Ensure compliance with standards of service and operating procedures.    管理一家或更多全服务餐饮营业场所日常经营工作及协调特别的活动。确保符合服务的规范和运营的程序。Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.  遵守当地的卫生和安全法规,或其它适用的规定,以及品牌规范和当地的规章制度。Oversee the Implementation of standards as detailed in the departmental standards and procedures manual监督部门工作标准和程序手册中列出的各项规范的贯彻执行。Adhere to opening and closing procedures遵守开始营业和结束营业的程序。Adhere to bill paying procedures遵守规定的结账程序。

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:上海-浦东新区 食宿:提供食宿

Manage all aspects of one or more full-service food and beverage outlet(s) on a daily basis and coordinate special events.  Ensure compliance with standards of service and operating procedures.    管理一家或更多全服务餐饮营业场所日常经营工作及协调特别的活动。确保符合服务的规范和运营的程序。Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.  遵守当地的卫生和安全法规,或其它适用的规定,以及品牌规范和当地的规章制度。

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:有限服务中档酒店
地区:上海-青浦区 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责:1. 负责餐厅的日常运作,执行上级下达的各项指令,指导并检查领班的工作。2. 根据本餐厅的经营情况,提出合理化建议。掌握本餐厅预订和重要接待活动。3. 根据本餐厅的各项规章制度进行督导并实施。4. 做好本餐厅的排班工作,合理安排人手,并做好考勤。5. 检查督导下属工作并对下属工作进行考核和评估。6. 完成每日接待工作,及时检查物品及设施的节能状况、清洁卫生、服务质量,使之达到所要求的规范和标准。7. 了解本餐厅厨房的工作程序和相关知识,做好前后场的协调工作。8. 主动征求客人的意见,及时解决出现的问题,处理客人投诉。9. 对属下员工进行业务培训,做好餐厅人才开发和培养工作。10. 协调与其他部门的工作联系,使客人得到满意的餐饮产品和良好的服务。11. 根据物资管理制度,负责对餐厅设备、物资、用具等实行严格管理,督促属下员工做好安全工作。职位权利:1. 享有对分管的日常工作和下属员工进行管理的权利。2. 享有对西餐厅工作安排的参与权、知情权、建议权、审核权。3. 享有在上级领导不在时,在一定范围内对业务工作安排的决定权。4. 享有对上级领导交给各项工作的执行权。职位责任:1. 承担所辖工作的过失责任。2. 承担属下员工工作失误的领导责任。3. 承担酒店安全生产过失的领导责任。任 职 资 格教育水平:大专或以上学历。知识背景:中级英语水平,能用英语与客人沟通。技能技巧:熟悉西餐厅服务流程。工作经验:具有2年以上酒店餐饮管理经验。担任过同星级酒店西餐厅2年以上领班工作。专业资格:具有旅游管理相关资质职称。其他要求:热爱酒店餐饮工作,敬业乐业。

薪资: 5千-6千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责:1.协助制定西餐厅服务工作规范及工作制度并确保实。2.处理宾客的投诉,不断改善服务质量。3协助抓好设备设施的维修保养,严格物资管理制度,做好餐厅安全和防火工作。岗位要求:1. 熟练掌握餐饮服务技能,普通话流利2.精通西餐的业务知识,熟练掌握西餐的技能技巧;3.具有较强的社会活动能力、组织领导工作能力和实际工作能力;善于调动西餐部各级人员的积极性。4.熟悉西餐厅服务全过程,善于安排各个环节的工作,能保证西餐管理的协调发展。

薪资: 7千-9千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海-奉贤区 食宿:提供食宿

工作概述:协助全日制餐厅经理领导团队完成公司提出的目标,确保高水准的服务、任何时候确保食品质量和出品。全日制餐厅副经理的工作宗旨是完成的客人满意度,完成公司的财务收益。工作职责:1. 确保公司的政策和程序,并服从品牌标准。2.协调和实施培训计划后确定需要的员工进行培训课程,对所有员工评估他们的表现。3.发展行动计划,在标准中解决问题,影响客户服务之前解决问题,确认后实施并改进。4.协调对下级的工作和维持现有的程序和政策。5.有效地与厨房沟通。6.在培训中协助经理。7.促进良好的工作氛围,强调在指导下属之间的关系。8.在员工中实现个人形象和守时。9.迎接客人,处理意见和问题,无论何时需要促销来完成收入。10.和客人来维持良好的关系以及扩展的个人接触。11.自信的了解食品和饮料菜单内容并能够详细地解释它们来的客人。了解饮食需求并提供适当的建议。12.确保餐厅区域每餐段都将按标准设定,这包括摆台,设置自助餐,所有设备准备好服务,确保你已经给你的主管做了餐前会议。13.确保知道每日特价菜项目,估清项目(缺货的物品)在用餐时间开始前,所有饮料确保可用。工作要求:    1.至少5-8年餐饮运营经验。2.在一家饭店至少3年相似职位。3.较好运营和管理能力。4.和各层次员工很好沟通能力、监督和激励员工。 

薪资: 7千-9千 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级

拥有1年及以上相关工作经验。At least 1 years relevant working experience.

薪资: 5.5千-7千 经验:3年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:上海-浦东新区 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 1.5万-2万 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 6千-8千 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:面议

拥有大专或以上学历,酒店管理专业 优秀的沟通和人际关系技巧 优秀的客户服务和餐饮服务技能 熟悉葡萄酒其他饮料项目 良好的电脑技巧,尤其是办公软件及电子邮件的使用 良好的培训师 全面了解业务需求、财务报告和生产力管理 至少5年的相关工作经验

薪资: 6千-8千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:上海 食宿:面议

工作职责:1.协助ADD餐厅经理直接全面负责整个餐厅,保证餐厅营运顺畅,使酒店的运营处在一个收益的框架上2.协助ADD餐厅经理保障所有同事的福利,培训和资源,只有这样同事才能照顾好我们的客人3.协助ADD餐厅经理通过增加更多的收益和有效率的开支来完成预算目标以保持最大化利润4协助ADD餐厅经理.每月召开部门会议陈述餐厅收益和未完成的指标5.执行任何管理层委托的工作6.参考历史纪录和客房率预测,协助ADD餐厅经理来制定一份可行的部门年度指标7.协助ADD餐厅经理正确的预计商业需求已确保最有效率的人员配备和食物生产8.认识和实施所有康得思酒店的政策和程序9.定期的复习和更新标准以确保运营10.时刻保持部门的安全和卫生设备的标准11.严格执行卫生设备检查,所有部门每月检查一次12.管理好部门所有有价值的资产和设备13.每月进行一次预防性的餐厅设备的保修和维护14.综上所述,要以身作则,为同事树立起良好的榜样,激励同事的工作热情15.发展和培养对督导的培训 拟定计划上传给人事部总监16.以专业的工作态度,协助凯旋餐厅经理按时为同事们进行工作表现评估17.协助ADD餐厅经理招聘同事,贯彻酒店规章制度18.协助ADD餐厅经理举办每月的同事会议,并把会议记录转抄给餐饮总监和人事部19.对每位同事实行开放式政策20.所有规章制度请参照员工手册21.负责餐厅的财务和账单的处理22.通过和财务部及人力资源部的合作,精确管理好每位同事的加班时间和考勤23..协助ADD餐厅经理制订定期的计划同事外出活动,促进团队合作精神24.通过坦率的交流和配合,积极的建立跨部门的沟通与合作关系25.关注客人的需求,在24小时内以适当的方式去回应26.完成管理层制定的一切合理要求 职位要求:1.至少为专业学校毕业2.四年餐厅工作经验和至少有一年以上的餐厅管理 主管经验3.能够使用日常的办公室软件4.具备优秀的英语和普通话表达能力

薪资: 1万-1.2万 经验:3年以上 企业类型:景区

职位介绍:游客服务经理应能作出灵活排班和休息工作安排,支持餐厅经理/区域经理,及通过与排班员和工作量管理团队积极合作,高效排班,以尽量提高演职人员工作效益。Guest Service Manager has the ability to work a flexible schedule with variable shifts and days off, support Restaurant Manager / Area Managers to manage an effective schedule by working actively with scheduler and workload management team to maximize CM's productivity.此职位人员负责日常运营活动,尽量以最快最令人满意的方式处理游客和演职人员事务。支持餐厅经理领导团队完美执行服务标准,并为游客提供神奇的体验。This role is responsible for daily operational activities, handle guest and cast issues in a minimum amount of time with satisfaction to all involved. Supporting the Restaurant Manager to lead a team delivers perfect execution on service standard and magical experience for our guest.此职位人员还应为演职人员提供一个奖励性和支持性的工作环境,以确保按所有地方政府规章提高所有安全和卫生水平。This role is also providing a rewarding and supportive work environment for CM, in order to ensure that all safety and sanitation levels are upheld in accordance with all local government regulations. 工作内容:监督下属完成各自的岗位工作Supervise subordinates to carry out their jobs.与共事演职人员沟通,鼓励演职人员的个人发展并帮助其进步,进行有效的班前会,确保所有人员知道贵宾、特殊场合、每日特色、特销产品Communicate with fellow CM, Conduct effective shift briefings ensuring all staff are aware of VIPs, special occasions, daily specials, up selling products负责盈亏情况,控制成本和支出Hold responsibility of Profit and Lost, cost control and limit expense培训并促使团队为游客提供迪士尼神奇体验Train and develop team to deliver Disney difference experience for the guests与其他业务线进行联系,紧密配合乐园和度假区的运营Liaison between other LOBs and work closely with Park and Resort operations监督操作指南中所规定标准的实施Oversee the Implementation of standards as detailed in the Operation Guide向主厨和餐饮经理反映建议和游客意见Share recommendations and guest comments to Chef and Food and Beverage Manager to reflect current customer profile监督并随时跟踪整个餐厅的维护及维修以确保达到良好的演出状态Supervise the maintenance of service equipment to maintain a good show quality确保共事演职人员,游客有一个安全有序的工作及就餐环境Ensure the fellow CM and guest has a safe and well controlled dinning environment 我们希望您:至少3年以上高端餐厅或相关主题公园同岗位运营经验At least 3 years’ experience in high-end or fine dining restaurant, or relevant theme park business with similar position了解并遵守餐饮卫生、存货控制、业务流程和游客控制规定Know and follow the basis hygiene & sanitations regulations, inventory control, and business flow and guest control relation.具有良好的餐饮知识Have a sound food and beverage knowledge监督培训新的及现有的演职人员Supervising and training of existing and new cast members愿意积极学习并适应新的挑战Willing to learn and adapt well to new challenges工作主动,能承受高强度工作压力Positive working attitude, could work under high pressure适当得体地应对游客提出的问题Proper and tactful in handling guests and their concerns流利的普通话、英语能力Fluent in Mandarin and English

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