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薪资: 5千-6千 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

Prepares and cooks food according to standard procedures, recipe cards, photographs and given instructions. Assists the Sous Chef in training associatesParticipates in product development and in controlling the smooth operation of the kitchen. Prepares and cooks food in all areas of the kitchen as and when directed. Participates in the control of associates. Participates in associate’s development Participates in the control of food quality, food taste, food presentation, and food requisition.根据工作标准、备料单、照片及上级指示准备食物,协助厨师长培训员工。参与提高食品质量,保证厨房运作的顺利进行。当接到指示时厨房的所有区域都要进入工作状态。协助管理员工,为员工发展提供帮助,参与食物的质量控制,提高产品的菜色和味道。 

薪资: 5千-6千 经验:不限 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-杭州 食宿:提供食宿

岗位要求:1. 五星级奢华酒店或会所同岗位3年以上工作经验;2. 一定的抗压能力和团队领导力。

薪资: 3.5千-4.5千 经验:2年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:浙江-杭州 食宿:提供食宿

Food Preparation食物准备•Prepare mise en place selection, standards recipes, and all related recipes needed to the successful preparation of outlet menus, basic preparation, buffet, cocktails, coffee breaks, special events and all related food preparation as per hotel policies and requirement根据酒店政策及要求,提供餐前布置准备、标准食谱以及所有与菜单相关的食谱准备,自助餐、鸡尾酒会、下午茶、特殊会议等所有相关的食物准备•Prepare process, serve and store food in respect to HACCP guidelines and Legal Hygiene bureau rules and regulations, in respect to hotel policies and kitchen operating procedures.根据危害分析关键控制点、法定卫生局规章制度以及酒店政策和厨房操作程序来准备、进展、提供服务和储存食物•Produce food with highest level of care, attention to details and passion. Take great care in seasoning, cooking timing and techniques, food presentation and taste.以最大程度的专注、细致及热情来生产食品。在调味、烹饪时间及技术、食物出品及口味上格外谨慎•Maintain the highest hygiene and work safety standards维持最高卫生和工作安全标准•Adhere to recipes standards, portion size, and delivery and pick up time, brand standards where applicable as per hotel policies and procedures.严格遵守酒店规章制度中的食谱标准、部分大小、传递以及食用时间、品牌标准•Be able to provide food in accordance to outlet requirements and maintain flexibility to work within kitchen section of different cuisines as per department need and training specifications能提供满足餐厅要求的食物,与厨房不同菜式分部灵活合作•Store properly unused food in order to minimize waste and maximize food rotation适当储存不用的食物以便最小化浪费和最大化食物利用•Monitor the implementation of stock control procedures管理实施库存控制程序•Assist in preparing interpreting and producing follow up action an stock reports准备、说明并制定库存报表的跟进计划•Support outlet chefs and supervisors in conducting inventory and taking, according to purchasing procedures and hotel policies根据采购程序及酒店政策,支持餐厅厨师长及主管指导库存盘点•Ensure all food items received meet hygiene safety requirement and specifications. Follow proper control processes, ensure not physical, chemical or pest contamination of received food, check quality, quantity and temperature of food received.•确保所有的收到的食品都满足卫生标准和规范。通过物理的、化学的以及虫害、温度控制、收货数量和质量来控制并确保符合要求的食品卫生•Support supervisors and managers to ensure proper stock item rotation and timely reordering of food.支持主管和经理以确保合适的库存品的利用以及及时订购食物•Support supervisor and manager to ensure timely food preparation with sufficient food quantity provided for each meal requirements支持主管和经理以确保每餐要求的足够食物量的及时食物准备•Ensure food is served and store at the appropriate temperature at all times in accordance to hotel policy and HACCP guidelines.确保食物随时都以恰当的温度出品和储存,同时遵守酒店制度及危害分析与关键点控制指南•Assist supervisors and managers in checking fresh products and dry storage items ensuring they are timery ordered as per food production requirements.根据食品生产要求,协助主管和经理检查并及时订购新鲜产品和干货•Prepare and present foods for buffets as per hotel requirement根据酒店要求准备并出品自助餐食物•Support supervisors and managers in order to ensure timely food service, pick up and buffet et up timing are respected协助主管和经理以确保食物及时出品、食用及精确的自助餐设置时间Maintain Hygienic Standards 维持卫生标准•Ensure working stations buffet stations and all related food preparation area ares properly cleaned at all times确保随时都保持工作区、自助餐区以及所有食物准备相关区域的清洁•Always clean and sanitize kitchen equipments, working tools, and working station thoroughly and with care before finishing duty and or starting a new work task.下班前或上班时,仔细彻底的清洁厨房设备、工具以及工作区•Maintain highest level of personal hygiene and respect hotel grooming standards维持最高标准的个人卫生,并遵守酒店仪容仪表标准Operations运营•Supervise work operations of the unit/outlet监督本部门的工作运营•Supervise operations between other departments/units监督与其他部门之间的合作•Assist in monitoring productivity of the until管理部门生产力•Prevent and resolve staff grievances避免并解决员工抱怨•Maintain a positive and professional working climate维持一个积极职业的氛围•Take active part in staff recruitment and searching for talents积极参与员工招聘及人才搜寻•Assist with the preparation of staff rosters协助员工花名册的准备•Assist in maintaining up to date staff records协助员工记录的保持和更新Staff Training员工培训•Assist with staff training and development协助员工培训和发展•Conduct training to culinary team members as per kitchen requirement根据厨房要求,指导培训厨房员工•Supervise and conduct on job training on daily basis in order to increase department productivity and highest quality standards.协助指导每日工作技能培训以确保提高部门生产力和最高质量标准•Provide one to one instruction to staff members when required如必要,对员工提供一对一的指导Staff Supervision员工监管•Assist in conducting staff performance appraisals协助指导员工的工作表现评估•Provide ongoing advice and support to staff under your supervision为员工提供建议和支持•Supervise staff performance监督管理员工工作表现•Assist management in the implementation appropriate management practices while improving staff motivation and communication协助管理层提高员工积极性与交流Administration 行政管理•Assist in computing recipes and menu costing, market list, and all related administrative and cost control related document when required.若需要,协助计算食谱菜单成本、市场清单及所有相关成本控制文件•Assist management in preparing and maintaining files, reports, letter, memorandum and all related relevant business documentation as per department requirements.按照部门要求,协助管理层准备保存文件、报表、信函、备忘录、花名册、库存及所有相关商业文件Maintain a Safe and Secure Working Environment维持一个安全的工作环境•Be aware of duty of care, and adhere to occupational health and safety legislation, policies and procedures强调保养职责,遵守工作区健康和安全法规、政策和程序•Report any breakage, malfunction, improper working conditions and working hazard to supervisor and manager immediately.及时向主管和经理汇报破损、故障及不合适的工作条件以及工作障碍•Initiate action to correct any hazardous situation and notify supervisors/managers of potential danger采取行动排除危险,向上级或经理报告危险隐患•Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergency policies and procedures坚持遵守酒店安全制度、紧急情况处理规定和程序•Be familiar with property safety, current first aid and fire emergency procedures熟悉对财产安全、紧急救护和火警等处理程序•Log security incidents in accordance with hotel requirements依照酒店要求记录安全日志和事故记录•Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times随时表现出职业态度和行为•Analyze, evaluate and improve your personal performance on a continual basis以不断提高的标准分析、衡量、改善你的个人表现•Adhere to duty roster, staff leaves and attendance record as requested by hotel policies and procedures.遵守酒店政策程序所要求的排班安排,员工假期以及出勤记录•Carry out other tasks as directed by your supervisors执行上级交代的其他任务

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